Pendant from Greece

If you want your statement necklace to be one of kind, unique to only you and not found anywhere else, then you need to contact Deborah Long-Shirley! In San Antonio, clients will bring her an outfit and she will make a necklace just for them…their own personal statement!

Deborah Long-Shirley, Artful Adornment

Debby fell in love with necklace design in 2003; and then ramped it up in 2006 after retiring from thirty six years of teaching. “It all started with a white coral necklace I made which received a lot of attention,” she said. But, what fuels her inspiration, are the stones. “They speak to me,” she said with a smile. “I never order online. I have to touch them, see them and begin to envision a piece in my mind.” At 63, her business is growing to where she now supplies boutiques and has individual orders rolling in. 

“It is rare that I put something together that I take apart,” she said. “My husband gave me great advice in the beginning. Just design what I would want to wear…my point of view. If I don’t like it, then I am not going to sell it.” One thing she loves is color. You see it used beautifully in her necklaces and in her home!

The local team of style consultants selling the “W” line have already met with Debby, showed her the line, and she will present pieces at their spring show to go with each outfit! Pieces include pendants from Greece…leaves from Colorado…stones from around the world. Turquoise will be throughout this spring collection, and she takes extended time to design several pieces with a fabulous, sturdy macramé foundation.

“When wearing a statement necklace, allow the necklace to do all of the talking,” she said. “Make sure all other accessories are minor and few, so that the eyes only go to the necklace.”

I guarantee you if you wear one of her pieces, the eyes go nowhere else! That’s quite a statement! If you would like to contact Debby:

Deborah Long-Shirley, Artful Adornment




Yes, I am wearing tourquoise skulls!  Not, normally a “lover of
skulls” I actually like this!!

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I think these abalone shells are my favorite…Debby actually found these
pieces in different locations!  But they look as though they were fashioned
to be together!

Another unique pendant from Greece!

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