Coat: Stein Mart
Lane Bryant Blouse: Goodwill
Skirt and Tights: Lane Bryant
Boots: Ross
Bracelet and Earrings: Lane Bryant

Do you hate a certain color or type of clothing because your mother forced you to wear it again and again when growing up? Do you have an aversion to plaid because of the private school uniform you were forced into for the first 13 years of your life?

Do you hate pencil skirts because you think slimmer ladies wear them better? Well, apparently our emotions are often tied to our fashion choices. Some professional stylists say simply, GET OVER IT! BE MATURE! LEAVE THE PAST IN THE PAST!! But, sometimes, it is not that simple.

I recently visited my mom in the hospital and with a large group of family gathered around her bed, she proceeded to tell everyone how much I loved the homemade clothes she sewed for me and how great I looked in them. She spoke with passion and flair of how I was the envy of so many girls in my small Texas town, because of the clothes. (Of course, this was after she told me she doesn’t like my hair color!!) All I could do was sit there silently and think about how much I loathed those clothes all the while processing bad memories of one day spent as a marshmallow and another really traumatizing Southern Belle moment. When I was finally able to buy my own clothes in actual stores, it was a great, great day!!

Another great day was when I was in route to a teenage cast party with a freshly sown party dress in tow. I lept from the car in a rush…slammed the door…caught the dress in the door…and chopped it in half. My mother was horrified…I was inwardly rejoicing. Unfortunately, she took it home and made it into a blouse!

Now, I completely understand that she made these clothes out of her love for me. I just was embarrassed to be seen in them when my high school peers were wearing cute, store-bought clothes. My mother was far from Project Runway material. I handled it the way I handle most challenges… I sought a solution and as a teen, I got a job at a boutique in the mall…and spent my income on their clothes.

Maybe we should all get over itbe mature…and leave the past in the past…but when someone tells me they have a hang up about a certain style or color…I kind of get it!!

Care to take a side here??

One More Blast from the Past:  As I said yesterday, this is rodeo week in San Antonio.  I grew up going to rodeos all over the state and my favorite memories were the ones where I met all of the cast from Bonanza…one of my favorite TV shows!  I met Ben and Hoss at the Fort Worth Rodeo and Adam and Little Joe at smaller ones. So, I dug out my precious autograph from Michael Landon to share with you….it is in my keepsake box…which does not hold any of my mother’s homemade clothing!!


Rodeo’s bring fond memories from my childhood!! Hmmm…maybe that is why I like western wear!!

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