Joni B jacket: Tuesday Morning
Traveler’s Black Cami: Chicos
Jana Kos Pencil Skirt
Spanx Tights: Nordstroms
Antonio Melani Shoes: Dillards

February….hearts…flowers…love…lace…It all seems to go together! So, a celebration of lace is a great way to begin this month as Jill and Adrienne planned.

However, I have decided that there is a bit of arsenic in the lace decision for women 50+. Yesterday, I awoke fully intending to tackle the lace challenge with a beautiful lace cardigan I own. I have worn it before and each time it brings compliments. But, when I looked in the mirror, I thought, “Geez, I look like I’m old!!” I tried another lace tunic…same feeling….at that moment lace was making me feel elderly.

What I was going to
wear…just felt old in
it for some reason!

 It wasn’t until I put on the blue jacket, that I finally felt youthful in something with lace. This one had more design…better fit…more style…and personality.

Premiere Jewelry

I picked up this jacket after Christmas on a clearance rack at Tuesday Morning. I did not plan to wear it to school, but this lace challenge ended up taking me there. Originally I purchased it for a couple of upcoming weddings. I really think it is beautiful and unique….and finally, I felt youthful in lace!!

Here are a couple of looks with lace I like from Nanette Lepore’s Spring Collection:

I am so excited to host this special Valentine’s Giveway with two amazing accessory designers!  One of you will win two beautiful items.
The first is this beautiful red coral necklace from Marie Bruns
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