I have to confess that I woke up yesterday on my day off in a pretty deep funk. There were three big stress factors hanging over my head…(one being my weight)…and I was finally letting them all get to me….after a couple of weeks of buildup. Now, I usually don’t allow things to get me down, but when there are several big ones with me in their sights….it is hard not to be affected. So, I understand when we all occasionally get that way.

I am sure this audience has a variety of things that you will do first. But, the only way I, personally, can ward off a serious funk (the kind which keeps a woman in bed or parked on a couch in front of the television) is to pray. After I cried out to God for a time and then prayed over my family, I felt like going out into the day. Little did I know that a few precious gifts waited for me outside my door.

First, I really needed to go shopping though I really did not want to. In two weeks, I will be standing in front of the attendees to the Texas Style Council’s Blogger’s Conference in Austin. I am going to moderate a panel discussion about blogging and journalism. Guests in the panel with me are

Ann of  Cult of Pretty
Caroline of Lucky Magazine
Jessica of Refinery 29
These Texas Style Council Ladies know how to have fun!!

I need to look and feel my best. Chances are pretty good that I will be the oldest at this conference, so I want to look stylish, fun, youthful, and chic…all at the same time. Ines de la Fressange has been in my mind for the type of look I want. The picture I carry around is posted here. Two big problems loomed over this decision: My slight weight gain and serious funds for shopping!! After looking over some of my usual haunts, I made my way to Chico’s. That put a smile on my face. Their sale items were wonderful and abundant! Though I have gained back some of the weight I lost, I am still down a size at Chico’s….for years I was a 3 and 3.5. Now, I am a 2!! Other smile-factors included a beautiful, attractive store; very helpful salespeople; a new large dressing room with a three way mirror inside and I got to use it! I also think I have found the perfect look!! With my Passport membership and the coupon from the mailed catalog, I left there laughing over how reasonable the jacket and top totaled. You will have to wait a couple of weeks to see what I wear to the conference, because, of course I will blog about it.

My inspiration shot of Ines de la Fressange

Since, I felt much better….I decided to stop and get a pedicure with a gift certificate my son gave me. Being in a better mood, I decided to live on the wild side and selected an army green color by OPI that I have never tried before. Saying good bye to callouses and the massage chair, just made me even happier.

Then, I went home to walk the neighborhood. Part of my weight gain over the holidays came from eating lots of sugar and flour, and not exercising at all. But, I have now walked 6 days out of the last two weeks…so I am back to it…and hoping to get back to weight loss. On my walk, a neighbor I did not know came up to me and said, “Would you like a handful of rosemary for your kitchen? I just trimmed my bushes and I hate to throw it away.” SCORE! Another unexpected blessing!

Now, I realize this is a long post. But the morale of this story is….get out! If you are in a funk and feeling down, just go out into the world…you never know what blessings and precious gifts you will discover!! Yes, those pesky big problems are still there, I just can face them better today!

So, how do you get out of a funk??

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