Four women sitting around a lunch table recently and in the middle of a conversation about what our adult children are up to, one said,
“I told my husband no flowers for Valentine’s Day or candy….I just want a gift card for shopping.”

“Me too,” said another, “Flowers die so quickly…I want something that lasts. I promise to think of him when I wear the purchases!”

I said, “Hmmm…does that kill the romance?”

 “No! I will still light candles and lure him into the bedroom….I just want some shopping money…flowers are expensive, you know!” (Laughter followed)

They explained higher gas prices, higher grocery prices, higher insurance rates…well, let’s face it, higher everything had depleted their personal shopping money and now they want it back…for special occasions. But, one did say that the gift card should accompany a box of candy!!  (Again, laughter)

What about you….what do you want for Valentine’s Day!!

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