Has the Economy Killed Romance?

Four women sitting around a lunch table recently and in the middle of a conversation about what our adult children are up to, one said,
“I told my husband no flowers for Valentine’s Day or candy….I just want a gift card for shopping.”

“Me too,” said another, “Flowers die so quickly…I want something that lasts. I promise to think of him when I wear the purchases!”

I said, “Hmmm…does that kill the romance?”

 “No! I will still light candles and lure him into the bedroom….I just want some shopping money…flowers are expensive, you know!” (Laughter followed)

They explained higher gas prices, higher grocery prices, higher insurance rates…well, let’s face it, higher everything had depleted their personal shopping money and now they want it back…for special occasions. But, one did say that the gift card should accompany a box of candy!!  (Again, laughter)

What about you….what do you want for Valentine’s Day!!


  1. Hmmm, we don't usually "celebrate", but a card and a couple of fabulous chocolates are always welcome (not the cheap chocolates, honey, if you're reading this) : >

  2. I always get flowers and chocolate, and I'm very attached to both. It's tradition! We have a wonderful local florist who will assemble a little bouquet for you, and it's really not expensive. (Supporting local business, too!) So I guess I'm a romantic at heart. What floors me is all the commercials for expensive jewelry at this time of year. That, we don't do, nor would I want to.

  3. I've asked hubby not to get me flowers either…although it's beautiful and thoughtful, they die and I hate that. I think a nice dinner is really good enough. I totally agree about the commercialism associated with Valentine's day…sad.

  4. Since most flowers have strong scents that cause my asthma to flare, flowers are out for me. I am happy just to get a card, but this year we are not going to give those either. A few words written on a piece of paper that are written with love mean much more to me than an expensive card (and with cards at $4 to $5, too expensive) I have always thought it is the little things, like my husband bringing in the newspaper every morning so I don't have to go out in the cold, that are the really romantic things.

  5. I always get FIRE and ICE Roses. Dinner out and ocassionally a piece of jewelry. But this year I asked for something different. I want to go see Wishful Drinking with Carrie Fisher. Not terribly romantic I know. And a tad bit expensive. Since my hubby lost his job last Sept and can not find a new one, seeing the show is probably NOT going to happen. A girl can dream. LOL Seriously, I would be happy with just a GOOD book and a single stem rose. Or a greeting card expressing his undying love. Happy HEART Day everyone.

  6. I'm a sucker for beautiful flowers. That's all I ever want on Valentine's Day – not jewelry, chocolate, or lingerie (which is really for him anyway). Just some really fabulous flowers.

  7. YOu are looking fastastic, Pam! I love the new minimal but not too minimal you. I laughed at your "trying to hard" as I was just thinking the same about MY outfits. I've got to urge to go solids, go simple and take off some of my over the top accessories. Perhaps its something in the air, I dunno. I do know I like this visible icon of yours. Any woman who has style and conveys power and warmth is a winner in my book. Hello winners.

  8. Wow, kind of sad conversation, I have never once told my husband what to get me. I try to accept a gift graciously and with love, he tries to get me things that he knows I like. I got a dozen red roses. I am happily married and can live without shopping when things are tough, a new blouse can wait. I am happy looking at the beautiful roses my husband gave me with love.

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