“Spring is nature’s way of saying, LET’S PARTY!” -Robin Williams

Having flowers around my classroom this week and warmer weather outside, put me in a little bit of a spring mood! Though normally I want the cold to stay around as long as possible, I began to long for the colors of spring as I stared at my dark closet.

Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Black Cami: Chicos
Skirt: Lane Bryant
Spanx Tights: Nordstroms
Ballet Flats: Target

But, I do not want to pull them out too soon…so I will try to wait a little while longer, after all

1. The groundhog saw his shadow.

2. The fashion world is discussing next fall.

3. If I pull out the spring colors now, then I will tire of them too soon.
4. Spring Break is officially three weeks away.

I do like to attempt a gradual transition, by lightening up outfits with soft colors of t shirts and camiis under a jacket or cardigan…maybe wearing a white jacket….brighter scarves…and beginning to nix the dark tights.

What do you do to transition into spring??


I need to make a confession! My wardrobe has few new pieces in it. I hang on to things!!! I tell you the stores so that you know where you might find a similar piece, but often I purchased at that store a long time ago. I always cringe when a comment says that the writer is going to head to that store that day to look for that item. The blue cardigan I wore yesterday I have owned for at least two years! Also, I cannot remember the last time I paid full price for ANYTHING…I am a sale, bargain, clearance-rack shopper to the max! I love to find jewelry at consignment/resale shops!

Everyone is talking about Fall 2012…I have to admit, there are some great looks on the runway!!

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Jewelry from consignment shops

Now, go do what Robin Williams says and have a party…it’s the weekend!!

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