Spring Transitions: Now or Later?

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, LET’S PARTY!” -Robin Williams

Having flowers around my classroom this week and warmer weather outside, put me in a little bit of a spring mood! Though normally I want the cold to stay around as long as possible, I began to long for the colors of spring as I stared at my dark closet.

Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Black Cami: Chicos
Skirt: Lane Bryant
Spanx Tights: Nordstroms
Ballet Flats: Target

But, I do not want to pull them out too soon…so I will try to wait a little while longer, after all

1. The groundhog saw his shadow.

2. The fashion world is discussing next fall.

3. If I pull out the spring colors now, then I will tire of them too soon.
4. Spring Break is officially three weeks away.

I do like to attempt a gradual transition, by lightening up outfits with soft colors of t shirts and camiis under a jacket or cardigan…maybe wearing a white jacket….brighter scarves…and beginning to nix the dark tights.

What do you do to transition into spring??


I need to make a confession! My wardrobe has few new pieces in it. I hang on to things!!! I tell you the stores so that you know where you might find a similar piece, but often I purchased at that store a long time ago. I always cringe when a comment says that the writer is going to head to that store that day to look for that item. The blue cardigan I wore yesterday I have owned for at least two years! Also, I cannot remember the last time I paid full price for ANYTHING…I am a sale, bargain, clearance-rack shopper to the max! I love to find jewelry at consignment/resale shops!

Everyone is talking about Fall 2012…I have to admit, there are some great looks on the runway!!

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Jewelry from consignment shops

Now, go do what Robin Williams says and have a party…it’s the weekend!!


  1. I move from darker wool to lighter wool/cotton sweaters.

    I can't tell if your skirt has any purple in it but I might think about looking like a spring tulip with a purple accent. March and April can be chilly months in the Mid-Atlantic so tights and warm items can't go away too quickly.

    Our flowering plants run towards garish pink/purples.

  2. Like you, Pam, we have short, short winters here in Florida. So I am still clinging to my winter clothes, but I am lightening up on the heavy-duty black and gray. Your jewelry picks up the colors of your skirt so beautifully!

  3. "Spring" is a relative concept here. Our temperatures will swing back and forth from the 50's to the 80's even within the same week between now and July (probably averaging in the high 60's/low-70's). So it's all about layers for me. But flowers are always appropriate!

  4. You look lovely! I especially like the flowers in your hand in the picture. Very nice touch. Most of my things are older too, but by telling people where I found them, they can often find something similar. Maybe I should start saying "old" or something.

  5. You look colorful and springlike, but still in season. I love that olive green sweater with the pops of color.

    We have mild weather around here lately. I think it got into the 70's here yesterday. It feels like spring is already here! I am trying to wear my fall/winter clothes as much as possible because they are my favorite.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend, Pam!
    xo, Adrienne

  6. It is definitely hard to transition in Chicago! We usually don't start to officially experience spring weather until early April! And even in April we may still get snow, and 30 degree weather. I keep my winter stuff around until May…insanity!

  7. It's nice to see some color! I'm ready for spring RIGHT NOW!!! Here in Eastern Oregon, the snow is still beautiful in the surrounding mountains, but down here in the valley, the snow doesn't stay very long resulting in a very brown landscape for much of the winter. I'm getting all my spring colored thrift store finds out to do some serious refashioning this month. I'll be featuring them on http://www.chicenvelopements.wordpress.com . I NEED COLOR!!!!

  8. First off: your new header looks FANTASTIC! Every visit charms me with the new streamlined appeal of Over 50 Feeling 40. Next: I think transitional spring is what of my favorite seasons- when you can layer and add bright elements to the end of winter's wardrobe. Still tights and boots but a shot of floral or a bright in wool is my favorite way of dressing. Your mixture of floral skirt, blazer and tights is right up my alley.

  9. love the flower pictures! Beautiful colors. I know what you mean about spring. round about this time of year, I start going stir crazy … everything just seems dead and dark and dreary. So ready for bright and happy, and then summer will come, and it will be hotter than hades, and i will want to cry. agggh … Love your skirt in this post — love the print(and my stuff is ancient too …). Thank you for all your sweet comments.

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