#3 Panel Discussions: Dare to Do More Than Dream

A quick review, class….We began our day last Sunday at the Texas Style Council Social Media Conference with Kendi’s keynote address themed…DREAM BIGGER. So, the final panel wrapped up this idea with a power group of ladies who have dreamed big and their history confirms it!

Panel moderator was Tara of Buyosphere. The panel included Amber of Reward Style; Naomi of Teen Vogue; and Jean NM Daily (Neiman Marcus). These ladies represent something I tell my students every day….they became dreamers and doers in high school and have continued to “push the envelope” as they moved up the career ladder. They also represent those who see the future in online, social networking for business and have made it happen. At first glance, one would think they looked so young to be on a panel about success…but they started young…and while others are spending their time on Face Book discussing who likes who this week…they are spending their time on Face Book promoting ideas, strategies, and products. They see the power in social media networking and how easy it is to develop a name and reputation for excellence.

Interior Design Bloggers found each other!!

Tara came from small town Canada to start businesses, author a book, speak at events around the world, and currently run Buyosphere. Each step of her career has been about developing ideas and then finding sponsors to help make them happen. She is always dreaming and looking for ways to take her business life to the next level.

Amber started in high school when she began to make trendy, affordable earrings and sell them to friends. In college, she worked for a reputable boutique where she stayed for five years and was able to sell jewelry in that location. During those years, she grew her jewelry business and developed relationships with power players in the community who shopped the boutique. She recommends finding what you are good at, sticking with it, and finding ways to promote it. However, she also cautioned that her jewelry business would have grown more if she had been willing to share the profits and hire an employee…it was too much for her in the long run. But, that led to a blog which led to rewardstyle.

Break out sessions also helped businesses…

When Naomi could not find an outlet for her creativity in high school, she started her own fashion magazine, and then headed off to the Northern US for college. “I saw what I wanted and was not afraid to go for it,” she said. Her career was officially launched in college when she submitted a picture to Teen Vogue for the premiere shot on the last page. “It was picked for publication and got me noticed,” she said. She believes hard copy print publications will survive and continue to publish…the ones who do it with excellence, that is.

For Jean, it was her dad’s advice in high school which made the difference. He told her that the big prize was to find something you love doing every day. See yourself going there and performing every day for a long, long time. What does that look like? So, Jean picked journalism as a career because every day is different. She recommends all journalism students be willing to write for the business section at some point, because whatever it is you want to be an expert in can be learned in the business section. “Get to know all of the players in the industry, the dynamics of the business you are attracted to,” she said. Her time as Fashion Editor for the Austin American Statesman was invaluable. After that, each career decision was to add more to the resume, and ways to become a better critic and expert.” She loves her current position as online director for Neiman’s.

Tara warned those who sit, dream, ponder…and never react. “Your actions are important. Dream then do!” she said. “Ask what I need to do to make this happen. Don’t let others stop you from making your dream come true. “She was up front about realities. It is not easy. You must fight for the idea you believe in and be willing to work long, hard hours. “There will be dark days and you have to work through them,” she said. “It doesn’t happen out of luck. It happens by pushing…pushing…pushing to make it happen,” she said.

She encouraged anyone with start-up (businesses with high growth potential, technology oriented) ideas to develop a business model and pitch it to investors. It takes courage…risks…letting someone own a part of what you are doing…pitches, but the reality is that a lot of people are making money off of other people’s money. The potential is there.

As you can see, there was an overload of information just from one day of seminars…but, well worth the overload. The conference ended and began with inspiration to do more…something desperately needed in this new business world and challenging economy of today.

Farewell to Austin for now!

I left there energized, and my husband would not leave the city limits without eating at the famous Mexican restaurant…Matt’s! The food is so good…his cookbook adorns my kitchen…great recipes!

Hope these recaps helped some of you! Happy Sunday to all!!


  1. What a great post! This one was particularly inspiring to me. Thanks for sharing the wisdom these gals had to share with the conference attendees. XO, Jill

  2. Oh, Pam! I am so proud of your blog! It is so wonderful when 'our little group" does so well. You have directed it in a positive, informative direction! You ROCK!!!!
    Hugs always,
    Ps, love the ladies colorful jackets 😉

  3. Thank you so much for this whole series. It was wonderful to learn there are so many women living their dreams right now. The thing that made the biggest impression on me from all of your posts was that all the attendees and presenters dressed very differently from one another. There was no place where 90 percent of the women showed up in similar outfits. In a conference of style bloggers, this is the biggest testament to the power of individuality and courage in your personal style.

  4. Pam! Thanks for the recaps! Would love to go to this one sometimes….maybe one day! But I'm glad I got to go vicariously through your recaps!! Hugs to you!! ~Serene

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