How many hats do you wear? My number has changed with life transitions…I no longer wear the ones for chauffeur, daily cook, homework tutor, or party planner. But, now I am wearing

High School teacher and mentor

Freelance writer – two local news publications

Fashion journalist and blogger

Wife, mom, friend….

Wearing different hats can often mean dressing for those roles in different ways. When I am on-the-job as a reporter, I really like to wear pants or jeans. That way I can move with ease and bend down for a variety of angles on the photos. I also like to be a bit more stylish or trendy casual. But, when I am teaching M-Th, I need a professional appearance. (Yes, we have casual Fridays).

Jacket: Old Navy
T Shirt, Red Denim: Lane Bryant
Bracelet: Forever 21
Cole Hahn Flats: Marshalls

I wore today’s outfit on a casual Friday when I had to leave school and become a reporter. It was a fun, casual outfit to wear and I could move about easily. I am finding many days when I must look at the hats I wear and make wardrobe decisions based on the assignments ahead. This is new for me…but can still be fun. The challenging days are the ones when I leave one job and must head to another wearing the same look.

A couple of years ago, Lane Bryant handed
out these shirts free one day with a purchase!

How many hats do you have to consider when dressing?

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Happy Tuesday!

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