This year’s Texas Style Council’s Conference was about taking your online life offline….in other words becoming visible, marketable….FABULOUS!

So it is fitting to begin these conversations here by introducing you to an important new book, The Essentials of Fabulous by Ellen Lubin-Sherman. Now, the word fabulous does not mean you look every day like you walked out of the pages of VOGUE; however, appearance is one important component. Sherman is a teacher of professional excellence. She learned that “fabulous wasn’t something you were born into; no, it was something you became, by keen observation, diligent application, and practice.”

Ellen Lubin-Sherman

She formerly fed gossip items to the famous columnist Liz Smith of the New York Daily News. However, now she is feeding all of us with great principles and sound advice for living our lives with success and joy! I firmly believe this is an important book for everyone to read…no matter your gender, age, or occupation. Her advice can take you to the next level….where the majority of us would like to live. Every quote at the end of last week’s posts were from this book, and in her conclusion, she writes: “This is also how you maintain fabulous. By staying relevant, being fun to work with, and as a result, being the last to be pink-slipped. (Face it: How can they live without you?)”

How do you feel about hand written thank you notes….it’s worth the time!

What I love most about this book, is that you can begin applying her advice to your life immediately. She also mentions many other books which will help…two of which I have already ordered! You can order her book at her website, Essentials of Fabulous.

Or you can enter my contest to win a free one next Tuesday, March 20. You only need to be a follower of this blog. Of course, if you Tweet the contest or post on your Face Book page, then I will throw in extra entries. We talked alot at the conference about branding yourself, and here is a book from a branding expert.  But, all ladies, you really must read this book…then give it to your adult children and husband to read. She also said in the conclusion that by the end you will either think she is a control freak or a kindred spirit. She is definitely a kindred spirit to me….many things she writes, I have written before here….she packages that advice and adds so much more from her experiences just to help us all be FABULOUS!

 Tomorrow, I will introduce you to the ultra-fabulous, Kendi! I will share snippets of her keynote speech to the conference and you can catch her outfit comments here at Kendi Everyday.

Keynote Speaker, Kendi

Now, enter this contest…….

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