I don’t know why I haven’t thought of it before….wearing different shades of green on green. After all, I look at green on green every day all around me woven throughout nature. But, I just never translated this natural color combination to my closet.

Until, that is, InStyle Magazine for April printed these cards to help us visualize which neutrals and colors look best together for Spring and Summer. I now have them in my closet and today I am wearing….yes, light green with olive green. I highly recommend you grab the April issue…if not for these cards alone…they really help!

Here is also an interesting business article from this week: Macys and Dillards are staging a comeback!! I am not surprised about Macys….their top of the mind awareness is huge right now with their presence on Fashion Star (Austin designer, Ross Bennett, has his shorts in Macys today!) and The Revolution. Add that to the regular advertising schedule….you see their name often.


I have not been to Dillards in a long time. This article may have convinced me to go say hello. The article reports: “Both retailers have cut costs dramatically, partly by closing stores; put a greater focus on private labels and exclusive brands; and built stronger online presences.”  I would like to see if I notice any differences in the stores.  The battles between Macys, Dillards, JCP, and Kohls have been interesting to follow from a marketing point-of-view.

Green Blouse: Lane Bryant
Ralph Lauren Jacket: Macys
Lee Slimming Jean: Kohls
Wanted Flats: Marshalls
Bueno Bag: Marshalls
Red Wide Bone Bangle from INPINK

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

So, what do you think of green on green??  And make sure
you check out other bright colors at Trending through the Decades: Brights

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