Are you trying to look a decade younger, or are your trying to look and feel the absolute best you can at your current age?  There is a difference in the thinking process and it requires a healthy acceptance of ageing. That’s the topic, however, let’s begin with this: One of the beautiful things about social media and writing in the current technological age is how accessible everyone is.  I wrote for years with few responses…not really knowing how my writing affected
anyone …whether negatively or positively. 
But, in today’s world there is instant response and I have
to say sometimes, the response can be so much fun!
I recently introduced you to Valerie Ramsey and her book Gracefully Looking and Being Your Best At Any Age…which,
by the way, she co-authored with her daughter, Heather Hummel.  But, to my delight, Valerie contacted me after
seeing the blogs and we enjoyed a forty five minute phone conversation this
past Sunday!  She is an amazing lady and
so inspirational. 

First of all, she sent this clip
from one of her many Today Show appearances and the topic of discussion is AGELESS BEAUTY

This is what 58 looks like!!

I was thrilled to hear
and see in this report the retail industry begin to take women over 50 seriously and to hear
that this is a growing (not temporary) trend!  These are women who have embraced their age completely and rejoice in the process.

Valerie is a NO EXCUSES kind of
woman.  She determined to have a
glamorous, enjoyable second half of life and despite facing down three major illnesses;
she is not slowing up one bit as she nears her seventy-third birthday.  She has signed on to more modeling work;
increased public speaking assignments; appearances on behalf of the GO RED
campaign; a pilot for a new television show called WHAT’S NEXT; is an involved
grandmother and mother; and recently relocated from California to Palm Beach,
Fl.   Whew…makes me tired just to type
it!  But, through reading her book and
speaking with her, I have learned much. 

Later this week, I will feature
more of her story in my blog for the San Antonio Express News and I will make
sure to link it up here.  Until then, let
me leave you with Valerie’s childhood friendship with actress Ali McGraw…which included slumber parties and all of the fun/stress of puberty.   She said they recently got together after
years apart and re-connected in Carmel, CA. “It was as if we were girls again
and had never been apart,” Valerie said. 
She sent along this picture and also confirmed that Ali does do yoga
every day!  And, settle down ladies…there
is no renewed romance between Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal!

Valerie Ramsey and Ali McGraw meet in Carmel, CA

Wow, blogging can really be so much fun!

Sweater and tank: Chicos on sale!!
Skirt: Lane Bryant
Flats: Old Navy

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