Spring In All Its Floral Glory!

Happy Visible Monday,
everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful
holiday weekend!  It was our first year
with no children in the house, no Easter candies, and no special Easter meal…kind
of weird.  Cherish your memories…the time
flies by!
Today, I am celebrating the floral
colors of spring!  Don’t they just make
you smile!  Smiling, joy, laughter,
kindness…they are all choices we make every day.  And, yes, they are contagious.  My day will go so much better if I smile through
it and not let the lady who cut in front of me in the grocery line, or the car
that almost ran me off the road, or the student who refuses to listen to
instructions get to me.  When those types
of things do start to steal my joy, it is time to power down and relax for a
while.  That is exactly what I did this weekend!
Green Blouse: Chico’s
Black Crop Pant: Talbot’s
Target Shoes: Goodwill, $1.99, New!
Do you really take time to smell or
even enjoy the roses?  It is time you
did.  Go for a walk and linger a moment
where the flowers are blooming… it will make a difference.
Then when you get back, hop on over
to Patti’s site for VISIBLE MONDAY!! and MONDAY MINGLE!!  See
you Tuesday in pastels for Everybody, Everywear!
Twisted two scarves together:
Floral Scarf: Marshalls
Orange Scarf: Lane Bryant
Ring: Stein Mart
P.S. The flowers were brought to you by….My Neighborhood!

Happy Monday!


  1. Pam–I hope your Easter was a happy one in spite of the changes! I love how you have used two scarves in this outfit. And for the walk through your neighborhood. I took a walk with the grandson yesterday…and we found a dollar bill that had gone through a lawn mower!?

  2. First and foremost Pam, thank you so for the kind words on my blog…it is so nice to know I am not alone!

    Even though I still have two teenage sons at home, this was our first year without any Easter 'celebration' as they both had their own activities, and my husband who…i too am trying to embrace my next phase…but realize…some days it does come with tears…

    I so appreciate you…and the positive energy you put out ..for all of us!

  3. I am glad that your Easter down-time was a good one. It is always nice just to relax and enjoy your surroundings. I was in your lovely city today. I live in Dallas. We are childless and had no plans for the holiday, so we hopped in the car and headed south. I love your part of Texas and while different from your city, and mine; we are considering a move to Austin. We really like it there (and those San Marcos outlet stores)

  4. Pam I adore your outfit you look great! Love Chicos!Wonderful words of inspiration!

    You are one the winners of my Giveaway from Cross Bottle Guy! Yay!! Send me your mailing info and I will put you in touch with Artie as well!

    Art by Karena

  5. Oh all the flowers are beautiful! And I love your strong cheerful colors. They way you put them together just makes me smile. I still sometimes miss the Easter celebration. We did see my grandson this weekend, but their family doesn't "do" easter, so it was just another sunday dinner, not that there is anything wrong with that.

  6. I was just going to say you have a green thumb, but then read your flowers are courtesy of your neighborhood 🙂 They are beautiful. So are the flowers on your scarf! Happy spring. It's finally here; my favorite time of the year.

  7. You look so pretty in your spring colors! And those florals on your scarf is just as pretty as the ones in your garden! Couldn't agree with you more, sometimes we really need to just slow down and enjoy our day instead of trying to get through it to get to the next one….Hugs girly! ~Serene

  8. I love your whole combination of colors! The orange border on the scarf is a great design decision on somebody's part — oh wait, it's TWO scarves!!! brilliant! (I never thought of combining two scarves… oh boy, things just got more complicated in SpyGirl land). I love how they bounce off the lime top. Yummy!
    Thanks for all the flower pictures. I'm cooped up inside in an office space with no windows and you gave me a touch of the outdoors. >deep breath!<

  9. Such pretty colors, Pam. You sent me into my closet trying to find 2 scarves that would work well together like you've shown here. I think I may have found something. Yay! Thank you for your inspirition of fashion and attitude.

  10. very pretty outfit! I like the vibrant and refreshing colors of springtime blossoms. The floral print on your scarf is pretty! Looks lovely against the yellow top. Thanks for reminding me to cherish the kids while they are still around. It does feel different without the kids especially during the special holidays.


  11. Pam, I love that bouquet of flowers twisted with that vivid tangerine. An inspired scarf idea. I love the title of this post, but it would be difficult to say ten times really fast!

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