Happy Visible Monday,
everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful
holiday weekend!  It was our first year
with no children in the house, no Easter candies, and no special Easter meal…kind
of weird.  Cherish your memories…the time
flies by!
Today, I am celebrating the floral
colors of spring!  Don’t they just make
you smile!  Smiling, joy, laughter,
kindness…they are all choices we make every day.  And, yes, they are contagious.  My day will go so much better if I smile through
it and not let the lady who cut in front of me in the grocery line, or the car
that almost ran me off the road, or the student who refuses to listen to
instructions get to me.  When those types
of things do start to steal my joy, it is time to power down and relax for a
while.  That is exactly what I did this weekend!
Green Blouse: Chico’s
Black Crop Pant: Talbot’s
Target Shoes: Goodwill, $1.99, New!
Do you really take time to smell or
even enjoy the roses?  It is time you
did.  Go for a walk and linger a moment
where the flowers are blooming… it will make a difference.
Then when you get back, hop on over
to Patti’s site for VISIBLE MONDAY!! and MONDAY MINGLE!!  See
you Tuesday in pastels for Everybody, Everywear!
Twisted two scarves together:
Floral Scarf: Marshalls
Orange Scarf: Lane Bryant
Ring: Stein Mart
P.S. The flowers were brought to you by….My Neighborhood!

Happy Monday!

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