With Signature Style in Mind….

What girl doesn’t love a $5 pair of red shoes!!

As I recently told you, I will be a
monthly shopper for Goodwill of San Antonio. 
I shop…they provide…I blog about it! 
How much fun is that?

But, I do want to keep my
personal/signature style in mind.  As
always, I will shop with my foundational five in hand.  If you would like to refresh your memory
about the Foundational Five, you can do so here:
Basically, these are the five
messages I want to communicate with my style:

Strong…Does the piece give me a feeling of strength…in
charge…professional success?
Class…Do I feel classy, chic, dignified?
Creative…Is there a creative touch to what I am doing that is unique
to my artsy side?
4. Youthful….Do I feel
“young at heart” in the look in an appropriate manner?
Fitted….Does it fit my body in a fabulous way…not too tight…not
too big?

I have worked to create a wardrobe
of predominantly separates.  By doing
this, I can fashion an endless amount of styles and never feel like I repeat an
outfit! Currently, Goodwill has me in search of a Fiesta-look for San
Antonio.  So, here I go on the hunt of
something with color, warm weather, and fun in mind.  You will be able to see on Monday what I purchased for the Fiesta-look.

What would you wear to an outdoor
event this time of year…especially if you want to look fabulous?

Jacket: Chicos
Blouse and Skirt: Lane Bryant
 Seychilles Flats: Marshalls
Bracelet: Langford Market

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  1. You are always so gorgeous, Pam. I love the advice here and I do believe that I enjoy wearing cloths that FIT MY BODY just a tad larger so that I don't appear to be showing my curves……I like to be CLASSY and not BRASSY in trying too hard. Class comes with a subdued charm.

    HAPPY DAY! Anita

  2. What a fun job you have with Goodwill, Pam! They chose the right person to help promote their fashion-focus. You look great, have a wonderful Wednesday : >

  3. the best jacket,ever!!!! Our Goodwill's won't even allow photos in their stores! Peeps in the south are always so friendly and the fast food is always fresh,too!

  4. What a fabulous jacket!! The prints are so unique and vibrant in color…you could do so much with this jacket.
    I would wear a cool white linen cargo pants, an orange t-shirt, and your jacket to an outdoor event!
    Have a wonderful weekend Pam!


  5. I love the Chico's jacket–it definitely fits the creative criteria! Can't wait to see your thrifted Fiesta look.

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