The Heat of the Night: What to Wear

Beginning in April the wardrobe
predators come out!  Temperatures in the
90s are ready to pounce on the most prim and proper to make them sweat like dogs….and the
humidity attacks all innocents, immediately lassos their hair.. takes them out and poofs them up!
So, looking great at an outdoor
evening event can be a bit of a challenge, but I spent such an evening with
friends last weekend and thought you might enjoy some inspiration.  The theme was Fiesta and color ruled the
Is this not the cutest little purse??
Happy Thursday to all!  Now please go visit the bloggers of Katie’s Favorite Things Blog Hop!!!!


  1. love the color explosion
    so glad to see ladies step outside the black and neutral catagory
    my favorite dress is the scarf print dress in pic one

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