Redesign of Knits and Kohls

I have written before how much I
like Eileen Fisher!  I will spend free
time looking through the stylish, carefree knits on her website…and aspire to
own some of her clothes one day.   For
now, I use her site for inspiration. 
I purchased the GRACE jacket I am wearing last year at Stein Mart for sixty dollars (a lot less than an Eileen Fisher)  I love it and find myself really drawn to knits lately.  This is a new phase for me; yet, feels very much like
me.  My sweet friend Dorothy wore her
knit outfit yesterday as well, so I said, “STRIKE A POSE!” 


Dana Buchman Bracelet: Kohls
Scarf: Marshalls
When I have been in thrift stores
recently, I always find myself looking at the knits.  Really cotton is the best for our warm
temperatures (not knits) and I am not a fan of linen which so many ladies wear this time of year. The EF website features linen as well…but I always just drool over the knits.
Also, today is the official Grand Opening
of our neighborhood Kohl’s!  They have
been through a complete remodel and redesign. 
It might take me a few days to get over to Northwoods and check it
out!  But, I will check it out. 
GRACE Jacket: Stein Mart
Travelers knit blouse: Chicos
Lee Slimming Denim:  Kohl’s
New Target Flats:  Goodwill, $1.99
I hope everyone has a fabulous
Wednesday! Before your go, tell us,   What is your favorite fabric right now??


  1. I'm with you on the knits! I know you said you don't like linen, but if there's a JJill near you, they sometimes have linen jersey pieces. You get the coolness of linen and no worry about wrinkles. Love those studded flats.

  2. I'm partial to cotton/silk blend knits. The silk gives the fiber more depth and substance. With the price of cotton up a lot of places are moving to rayon knits. I like that but it doesn't give quite the heft I like. As a curvy girl with a few jiggles stretch twill is usually my best choice for skirts and pants.

    I don't mind Eileen Fisher but I think, as you've suggested, that a little goes a long way. Plus the items, while lovely and usually quite unique, are way out of my budget. There is a store in a mall I sometimes visit and I always look the windows over, they are inspiring. I suspect the presence of an Eileen Fisher store in a mall is good news for JJill because they carry similar cuts and in comparison the prices seem reasonable.

  3. Recently I found an Eileen Fisher pea green tunic at my local consignment shop and I purchased it for only 12.00. What a bargain! I'm going to wear it in the next VisibleMonday post.

  4. I love, love, LOVE this outfit, Pam. The scarf and jacket are so striking together. And I actually like this better than much of what I've seen from "real" Eileen Fisher, because your outfit has such a graceful, streamlined silhouette. (Some EF items seem too oversized and "boxy" for my taste). Nicely done, my friend!

  5. Love the outfit!!! I'll have to keep my eye open for eileen fisher in the thrifts.

    Oursummers can be houston like miserable here in MD. I love thin voile weight cotton and linen blends that are floaty!

  6. I'm still going with the knits for our 90-100 degree days. No cable-knit sweaters, no layers, just the very lightweight, almost sheer rayon knits in loose styles. I can wear cotton, but those dang wrinkles make me so mad! Once it gets into the 110's, cotton gauze is one thing I am comfortable in and it doesn't matter if it wrinkles, so I'll have to concentrate on adding a few more pieces to the rotation.

  7. I've suddenly become very interested in Butte Knits and have begun to scour the thrifts for more of them. I'm not a fan of linen…I have enough wrinkles, without wearing them too. I like this knit jacket on you and it looks so striking with the scarf.

  8. Since moving to San Antonio and hitting menopause, I'm always at a loss trying to figure out what to wear. Between hot flashes and 100F heat, the only fabric I wear is cotton!

  9. Finally I found a website like yours:)
    Well done… and I've only begun to look…
    Since I'm Canadian, I hadn't heard of Eileen Fisher… but now I have and her clothes are beautiful!
    Knits… love love love. I like to mix with crisp cottons… especially this time of year!

    glad I found you…

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