130!  There I’ve said it…it’s out there…I confess
that I own 130 scarves!  Now, before you
start accusing me of using my children’s college money on scarves…let’s take a
closer look!
I could not find one scarf in my
possession that I paid full price for in a retail outlet.  They predominately came from these sources;
1.       Discount
retail:  Marshalls, Ross, Stein Mart
2.       Sales
with coupons:  Mostly Kohl’s,  some Chico’s, a couple Lane Bryant
3.       Thrift:  Goodwill and garage sales
4.       Blogger
accessory swaps…thanks to Reva and Ariane for sending two each!
5.       Vintage:  Grandmothers
6.       Gifts:  Once you are labeled the SCARF LADY at
school, then a lot of gifts come from students which feed the habit!
Scarf: Ross
Steve Madden Bag: Ross
Carmen Marc Valvo Eyewear: Provided by The Designer!
Whenever I perform a closet purge, I rarely give up
scarves.  They are the accessories which
can save a drab outfit in a heartbeat…I just never know which one I will need
at which time.  I have them hanging on a
beautiful vintage hat rack…pulled through layers of golden curls.  Sometimes, while showering, I will stare at
the hat rack (which looks a lot like Cousin It from the Addams Family…ooo, I
should get it some sunglasses) and receive inspiration for my daily outfit.
Now, maybe you are able to understand while picking just
one scarf for today’s collaboration with Jill and Adrienne was so difficult.  But, this is my recent purchase at Ross for
$6….it has a Hermes feel to it and spring colors…so today, it is my favorite
scarf…but tomorrow, well that’s another day and another scarf!

Recently, Karena hosted a giveaway for an artist in New York
who makes beauty out of antique bottles. 
I won the giveaway and here is the beautiful bottle I selected for the
antique grouping on my den mantel.   I
highly recommend you click on the the Cross Bottle Guy and visit Artie’s handiwork.  Like a beautiful scarf, his artwork adds just
the right touch to my décor.
Happy Tuesday!

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