Happy Memorial Day to all!!  Around Texas, this weekend is the official
beginning of summer and it does feel like it outside.  I am similar to unefemme who recently
confessed she has difficulty transitioning to warm weather wear.  I am born and raised in Texas, but really
have never liked the heat.  I have
friends who thrive on it and love the fact we have heat seven out of twelve
months!  But not me, in my heart I am
seasonal, but in my heart I am also a Texan. 
It is a problem!  Selecting cute styles that minimize sweat and don’t stick to your skin can often be a challenge!
Blouse by Chicos Travelers
Capris by Talbots
For a summer school teacher, the
wardrobe is a bit more causal-Friday-style for every day.  I am much better at styling professional looks
than casual looks….tune in tomorrow to see the problems when those looks
collide!  I wish I had something along
the line of today’s look for every day of summer.  With a wonderful gift card, I recently
purchased this jacket at Chicos and it is summer-perfect!  Lightweight…cool…stylish…flattering…just
perfect.  I also want to remind you about Chicos Passport Savings Program for regular shoppers and if you receive their emails,
you will see just how reasonable the sale prices are.
Bracelet from KOHLS
Make sure you register to win the
eshakti giveaway…you can see the rules and how to register HERE.  They are going to allow the lucky winner to
select a garment of her choice from their current line….can’t get any better
than that!  I will select a winner on
My husband bought this necklace for me at Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry to wear with my Mother-of-the-Bride suit last summer…it also works with this!
Have a wonderful holiday and stay
cool!  And make sure you visit the lovely bloggers of  VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE!!
Chinese Laundry Sandals from Ross….nails by OPI!
Also, black and silver are the official colors of our San Antonio Spurs….go Spurs!

Now, she has the right idea!!!

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