I hope all of you are rested and
relaxed after a summer weekend!  I love
VISIBLE MONDAY, and appreciate Patti beginning this meet up of bloggers, as she
writes, to “Promote the gloriously visible woman!”  I really like blogger collaborations…it is
like a group of girlfriends gathering weekly for a chat.  I also understand that the original intention
was to inspire the participants to feel more visible in our daily lives.
Seychelles Shoes from Ross
  But, today, another blogger described VISIBLE Monday in these
words:  “a roundup of stylish older women
who struggle to feel visible.”  Ouch!  I do not really understand why these words
bother me so much, but they do. The words conjure up an image of the Hallmark
Card elderly woman standing on a street corner jumping up and down with a sign
that says NOTICE ME!!   I know the blogger meant no harm with her
description (she was honoring Patti who deserves the recognition); however, choice of words are important and she just might not get
what “visibility is about.” She might also be surprised to discover there are
bloggers who participate younger than she is.
Scarf from Marshalls
Bracelet from Forever 21 Jewelry
  I think the words struck me funny, because I am confident and content
where I am right now. I also have an image of the 40+ Bloggers as women of
strength and dignity….a legitimate voice in the fashion and style
industry.  Not pathetic, needy, victims
struggling for visibility.  You could
actually say that any fashion blogger could be labeled as struggling for
visibility and that is why they blog. There are many who say those things, but
perhaps not in the same words.   
Yes, the truth is I am older, but
not struggling, except to get a regular exercise program going!   I see participants in this collaboration I
would consider to be all ages…so singling out older women doesn’t really work
here.  Does anyone else feel like you are
“struggling” for visibility?  I
personally think VISIBLE MONDAY is about CONFIRMING our visibility and making a
statement to retailers, designers, stylists, or anyone else that we are strong,
dignified, creative women with a voice, a budget, and charisma.  I applaud you!
Cardigan and blouse from Chicos
Pants from Talbots
You are all gorgeous and I love to
see what you wear each week.  So hop on
over to Patti’s Site and see the other ladies…no matter their ages, they are
beautiful and visible!  Of course, if you
have an opinion in this discussion….please chime in! And, for the record, the other blogger is an amazing talent with a huge following…this wasn’t about her, but about word choice and who we are!
Maybe I was a little too hard on the Hallmark Senior…she seems like a pretty strong woman

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