Dear over50feeling40 readers:
First, let me say how precious each
one of you is to me!!  This blog is
almost two years old and it has been such a blessing to meet and even become
friends with so many of you.  We have
come to walk through trials together as we did when sweet Judith of The Style
Crone lost her beloved Nelson, and we have laughed many, many times
together.  That is what I am really
about, is JOY.
I have always wanted to bring you
more than information about my life.  I
have desired to act as a true reporter and bring to you stories of others…of
businesses….and of products the woman of a certain age would be interested
in.  I have also wanted to help you as
bloggers by giving you the guidelines I teach in Journalism every day and have
taught for going on thirteen years.  I
understand that the fashion tips, the boutiques, the beauty products, and diet
and food ideas will not be liked by all. 
But, I love putting information out there that may be of interest to a
variety of different women at different times. 
Just as fashion and beauty magazines sell advertising, I have begun to
sell advertising.  Again some of you will
find these sponsors of interest and others will not.
The reality of my situation is that
I continue to be living the headlines in my household.  The frightening reality is that many men in their
fifties, and yes, even women have been laid off in the last three years so that
companies can hire younger people for less salary and benefit costs.  My husband is still searching for a permanent
position, and I am paid very little as a private school teacher with no
retirement funds.  So, there you have
it.  If I can generate some income
through my blog, and also bring to some of you valuable information about
companies and services that are out there, then I am going to take that
opportunity.  I promise to balance
it.  This week there were two
opportunities that hit back to back and created a theme. Also,I was not paid a dime from the nail salon,
but felt like it might be important information for those who also suffer with
the same problems.  KOHLS contacted me
with a savings offer for YOU, the reader, I got nothing from that, but believed
there would be readers who could benefit. 
The others were sponsored activities again that I believed might be of
some value to a portion of this audience.
I will be working to achieve
balance, but I do not plan to cease offering advertising  for those in the professional world….just as
magazines, television, radio, and even facebook do.  I believe as informed and intelligent women
it is a benefit to know what is available to us and even better if we can get
specials to afford those services. I have also turned down many requests that I
could not bring before you in good conscience. I have only accepted what I
believed to be beneficial. When posting daily, it does give me a chance to
offer you information about goods, services, boutiques, designers, whatever is
out there…some will be paid and will say SPONSORED POST, and some will be my
reporting.  I hope no one will leave the
audience because I have made this decision. 
I still plan to be me and bring to
you a fun blog about a woman who is striving to live through the challenges of
mid-life with joy, strength and dignity!
Have a wonderful weekend,

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