On The 12 Days of Vacation, My Psyche Said to Me

Yes, things are looking up!  On this seventh day of the vacation, I walked
a little easier today and added some time with Jane Fonda.  But, my psyche is also getting better…this 12
day vacation was about renewal physically, spiritually, and mentally.  As I wrote before, I came off of this school
year stressed and tired.  Let’s face it….I
love teaching teenagers, but they are loud little creatures!  So, I needed PEACE as much as a change in
diet and exercise.
Some of the ways I have achieved
PEACE are very simple:
Environmental order!  I began with my desk and work area at home….de-cluttered
and decorated!  That felt so great, I was
then ready for the big task…my closet. 
That took all day!  But, it feels
so great to now have it cleaned, organized, and weeded.  I took a huge stack of things to Goodwill,
and another stack to re-sale.  There were
just too many items I was hanging on to and not wearing.  But, I also discovered some things I had
forgotten about and to me that is almost as good as a shopping spree!
I found this cardigan in the closet I bought last year at Goodwill SA
The top is from a few years back purchased at Macys
Pants: Talbots
Two things needed to change for 12 days…news
saturation and music!  If I had heard
Justin Beiber’s  If I Was Your Boyfriend
Song one more time…it might have driven me over the edge.  My female students were in love.  In fact, some have already purchased their
Beiber tickets for his San Antonio concert in 2013!  I have been on a diet of Siriusly Sinatra,
Broadway, and Christian Praise music…so soothing….no anxiety here.  Also, as a journalism teacher, I  am a news junkie.  But 24/7 news can also not be peaceful…the
exact opposite of peaceful!  I have kept
up with the news over the 12 days, but in much smaller doses.
Though I have been out with friends and will be
again this week, I have said NO to several requests.  Saying NO is hard, but at times, necessary,
just to be peaceful and alone for a little while.  It can be empowering.
Often, for peace, all I have to do is step into my backyard!
My personal spiritual peace comes from quiet
times with God.  Time to pray, reflect,
meditate, and read His Word.  Again, I
sometimes lose this in the busyness of a school year.  I have thought that BUSYNESS is one of our worst
enemies.  As I get back to feeling more
like myself over this little time off, I am convinced that BUSYNESS can rob us
of joy and peace.
               Today, I
took myself to brunch in my kitchen. 
Using the leftover grilled salmon, I made an egg scramble with one egg,
Fat Free Milk, red bell peppers, onions, and a little butter.  After much reading, I have surmised that it
is better to eat a little real butter and stay away from the diet butters.  I mostly cook now with Olive Oil.  I also allowed myself a slice of toasted
Sprouted Grain & Seed Bread with sugar free Apricot Jam.  When I craved sweets later in the day, I broke
out a cold, sweet half of watermelon. 
These small watermelons always seem sweeter to me and easier for two
people to have around.  Missing sweets is
the hardest part so far….last night I craved ice cream, so I made a fruit
smoothie with Greek Yogurt.  It did the
Have a wonderful Tuesday….I will put myself to the test once
again and have lunch out with a friend…restaurants can be scarry during a lifestyle adjustment!
Just for the record, the Visible Monday comments were amazing and so inspiring!  Ladies, you rock!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi Pam!

    I am chaging some habits as well
    Eliminating sugars, chips, going gluten free eating more proteins, doing more exercices, yoga
    Hard to eliminate sweets but i am hanging on
    Smoothies are great for sugar cravings, i do The ame when i have a craving or i have one square of dark chocolate at least 70% cocoa.

    Ariane x

  2. the rediscovered sweater is beautiful…and it sounds like you've spent your vacation in all sorts of positive ways. I know I took a 5 day break from the news…and that does help.

  3. Your first photo, looking up, is fantastic! You look vibrant and optimistic, and, wow, your baby blues just pop! Your lessons about peace-keeping make so much sense. I'm glad you are finding what you need and are Aware to make these choices. Congratulations on your progress so far. I love your smoothie idea as a snack. I also like cold dill pickles – in moderation because they have so much salt.

  4. I hear you about being a news junkie. The posturing, exaggerations and theatrics of the political scene are are enough to make me throw them all out.

  5. I agree, teenagers ARE loud little critters! When we had houseguests for the Memorial Day weekend, I had to explain to my husband that after being surrounded by hundreds of teenagers all week long, on the weekends I CRAVE a little peace and quiet. Jealous that your vacation has already started, but this is exam week for us, so my vacation starts next week! I am looking forward to recharging my batteries and restoring some peace to my home as well.

  6. I've been eating fresh pear or apple slices dipped in a bit of plain yogurt for my sweet fix! I started eating differently 3-4 months ago and have dropped 14 pounds! Onward and downward with the weight is my motto. You are shining in your photo.. just lovely!

  7. That outfit is GORGEOUS on you!!!
    I have never seen those small watermelons–hope I can find them in our small town.

  8. Pam, I totally agree on using butter rather than diet margarines. I read about all the chemicals in them and decided real was better. Also, I use very little butter because it has so much flavor whereas the diet stuff is tasteless.
    You do look much more relaxed and happy. I wish you had the whole summer off, but I do understand why you are going to teach.
    I love watermelon. Love it. It is so good and reminds me of summers with my Grandparents. Do you remember when the stores used to plug a watermelon and let you taste it prior to purchasing? Ah, the taste of summer!

  9. Your "life detox" seems to be really working for you because you look radiant! I love that you are sharing your experiences – they are SO important and so easily forgotten by many women. Now, I want to go relax.

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