Maybe in my past, the Frappuccino sign would have drawn me in…but,
as Donna Summer once sang…I’ve Got a New Attitude!
My summer is more defined by water and green tea…unsweet, of
course.  A student gifted me a Starbuck’s
card so I can drink their green tea for a little while. 
Also, the only shopping I am doing is
sponsored shopping at Goodwill.  I am
really trying to put any sale shopping on hold for now (at least a month) until I can get my body
into better shape and fit into the clothes I bought last year when I was
lighter.  I am slowly going the other
direction now….progress, baby steps!
I told my husband that I wanted to get moving more and he
suggested I wear a clicker and see how active I am.  He said that he imagined I walked about 6,000
steps a day.  His personal goal is between
17,000 and 20,000 a day.  He has a very
slim male friend who walks that amount every day.  So today was the first day for the clicker,
and I blew my husband away by doubling the amount.  I will say that I did not teach today and it
will be harder to move that much on days when I work. Mr. B is challenging me
to just walk one step more every day and build on my progress so that I can “up
my game.”  Today, I did things like park
far away from the stores where I was running errands, and walk down to the mail
box.  It was not as hard to reach that
number as I thought it would be…of course it included my morning walk in the
These are the signs of my summer.  What signs represent yours??  Happy Saturday all!!

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