He’s brilliant, skilled,
servant-hearted, and tender to the touch….and YES, my Mr. B knows all about
Last summer’s purchase at Chicos
Here is how the story goes:  It is embarrassing to admit, but in the last
five years I have developed a horrible, painful problem with ingrown toenails. 
It is the main reason I stopped
going for pedicures.  They were just too
painful to endure.  I have wanted to leap
from the chair a couple of times and sprint out the door.  I have had two podiatrists perform very
painful in office “digs.”  The last time
I paid a doctor for relief, it was $75!! 
That was around the holidays.
I remember that my dad also
struggled with this and I have wondered before if it is hereditary!  Anyway, some of my sweet students gave me a
manicure for Christmas at a nearby salon, but one I have never been to.
I went to get my manicure and then
during the process they asked if I wanted a pedicure…to which I responded, “Oh
no…it is too painful.  I have to do my
toes myself because of ingrown toenails!” 
The owner just smiled and said, “You will feel no pain here.”  Well, at that time, I did not believe her.

Shoes from Target;
Toes by Kym
So, it was months later when I was
in great pain with ugly nails that I thought, “Well, I might as well give the
salon a try.  It is cheaper than the
doctor and I at least get pretty polish there!!”  That was when I met Kym….he is a genius!  He takes care of the ingrowns and somehow….I
feel nothing!  He is truly a master. I
have now decided that no pain is worth budgeting these pedicures into my essentials
for the month. 
I am happy with happy toes!!
Does anyone else experience this
at a salon or are you still dealing with the problems other ways?  I will say the last salon I went to did not
have a Kym…in fact, just the opposite. 
For now, I am his loyal follower! 
You may not have a Kym, but I am here to say there is hope that one
Happy Tuesday to everyone!!

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