Happy Saturday everyone!
I hope you have special plans for the day!  I love the smell of coffee and newsprint in
the mornings, so I thought I would share with you a couple of stories from the
local business section:
already, but I am happy to see more come on board!
Diane Keaton…one fabulous model at 66
Also, this piece caught my eye:
“J.C. Penney’s woes keep piling on. In the latest string of
troubles, Macy’s won a preliminary injunction against Martha Stewart Living
that would prevent it from selling some of its products at Penney’s
stores.  The decision from the New York
State Supreme  Court on Friday is a
setback for Penney’s, which has been counting on the popularity of the Martha
Stewart brand as part of its efforts to help revitalize its business.  Macy’s sued Martha Stewart Living in January,
saying it had exclusive rights to certain categories of the brand until
2018.  The complaint was filed after J.C.
Penney acquired a 16.6 percent stake in Martha Stewart Living.”  – San Antonio Express News
As I have said many times….there are many things Penney’s
can do to up their game…and they are not doing any of them!
Have a fabulous Saturday! 
I hope you will join me Sunday evening for my Visible Monday post…I hope
to convince you why it pays to think about colder weather dressing now!

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