I am going to discuss make-up (I
promise), but something new has happened  in  that
area and I have some new information some of you may find very exciting.  I have decided to write about this next
Monday….so please come back for the discussion…I have someone really inspiring
to introduce you to!
I could continue to write about products and techniques and
foods to either eat or avoid, but there are some other ways I believe help me to feel forever young!!  One is my job….I work where I am surrounded
by teenagers and some of them become young professionals and stay in my
life.  Between current and former
students and my own adult children and their friends, I spend a lot of my time
with our country’s youth and, I am happy to say, America has a bright future
ahead with them.  They have introduced me
to so much technology…entertainment…and even fashion trends.  I am never surprised at what I learn from
Young adults like Mary! 
She was my go-to girl in high school…I could always depend on her to get
a job done.  So, it was natural that last
summer she would serve as my blog intern to help me get more organized as
this site ramped up with attention!  This
summer she is the stage manager intern for our local, professional production
of “The Importance of Being Earnest!” 
Mary will more than likely do something with theater or entertainment…in
high school she was the FINE ARTS QUEEN!
I also met this week with Claudia, a gorgeous young lady who
has earned my respect and kudos!  She is
living in Florence, Italy and working on her Master’s Degree in Marketing.  She hopes to pursue a fashion career in New
York in digital public relations!  She
speaks multiple languages and has started to sell these beautiful purses
But, what impressed me most, is
this young world traveler is also a spokesperson and volunteer with the
Alzheimer’s Association.  She  was deeply affected when her grandmother in
Guatemala was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and she is worried that
younger and younger adults are contracting it. 
So, she hopes to raise much needed funds for research through the WALK TO END ALZHEIMER’S.
Finally, I had to show you a few engagement pictures of my
son and his stunning fiancé!  They were taken
for the SAVE THE DATE announcements by photographer, Becca Gamanche and are so cute!  Of course, my own children  and their loves and their friends keep me
young as well!
Surrounding yourself with young energy can really help!  Also, meeting new people can as well…so
please check out the other bloggers from KATIE’S FAVORITE THINGS BLOG HOP!!!  

Thursday Favorite Things.

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