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 Since beginning
over50feeling40, I have been honored to meet so many inspirational and vibrant
women over 50 and introduce them to the readers.  So, I would like for you to meet today the
strong and beautiful Cindy Joseph.

In her sixties, this amazing woman is a Ford classic
supermodel, makeup artist, and now CEO of Boom! by Cindy Joseph, a new
and exciting concept in makeup that promotes natural, radiant, and ageless
beauty.  She is a stunning woman encouraging all of us to have the courage to step out of our comfort zones and
be our natural selves.  Here are a couple
of articles which first introduced me to Cindy, and after these I have given you
the answers to some questions I was able to ask her….she is quite a lady:

NATURAL WITH YOUR LOOK (Ex: No hair color, no foundation, no Botox etc.)
CINDY: “ As time was going by (as a natural woman), I was
feeling happier, healthier, sexy, beautiful, full of vitality and enthusiasm for
life.  I started snowboarding and
skydiving!  So, I was telling others how
wonderful getting older was and that it was nothing like we are told!  I realized that by covering my hair I was
continuing the myth that you had to be young to be full of energy and
attractive.  I wanted others to see the
good news!  If others see a happy woman
full of vitality and joy they see that age can be great!  I was very enthusiastic by the time I threw
that bottle of dye away.”
CINDY: “ If you find yourself and life good in the first
place it gets better.  Lack of health
does not have  to go along with
aging.  Take care of yourself.  If you are healthy, stay healthy.  If you’re not, get healthy.  Spend lots of time with people who love you
and you love.  Talk about  your fears and feelings around aging.”
CINDY:  “All smiles
are beautiful.  It is the cheapest,
safest and fastest face lift known to man! ….I have learned that gratitude and
appreciation are what makes life get better….Taking full responsibility for
everything that happens in my life, rather than playing victim is a big
one.  Also, knowing that my true nature
as a woman is being pleasure- oriented. 
Living my life according to what pleases me has made the biggest impact
on my level of joy. ….Seek out and find your girlfriends!  Look for joy, create joy!”

Cindy:  “Boomer women
are smart, wise, sexual, and sensual, and we are all very different from each
other, as self –expressed individuals. 
We have never accepted the status quo. 
We are rebellious and opinionated. 
We are aware that we can be focused, hard- working, and also
pleasure-oriented when we choose.  We are
discriminating shoppers.  We are
environmentally aware.  And we deserve to
feel ‘right’ at every age and not have anti-age messages sent to us from birth
on.  We deserve to hear positive messages
towards the unique beauty women have at every age.”

“It puts wind in my sails to know that women are ready for this Pro-Age
Revolution.  I LOVE hearing from women
and being in this most important discussion. 
It is time we all become  more
engaged in these subjects and create a legacy we can be proud of passing to the
younger generation.  Aging is
living!  Living is aging!  They are one in the same.  Life does not hit an imaginary peak and then
go downhill.  Life expands and becomes
more and more as we continue through to the end. Age is something to celebrate!”

Cindy makes me want to celebrate! She does not use any
wrinkle cream or firming products.  She
said, “I like my wrinkles.  I earned
them!  They are my life badges!”  She also does not believe in using Botox or
fillers.  “I not only do not use them for
philosophical reasons, I would not use anything on my skin with chemicals.
Everything you put on your skin goes into your organs.  If not, the patches for nicotine and the like
would not work,” she said.

  If you also are
ready to celebrate your natural beauty at the age you are, then check out her
line of BOOM! By Cindy Joseph.  Your skin
feels fabulous once you shed the foundation which has been settling into every
wrinkle and actually becomes aging! I wore her line into the humid
Texas one hundred degree weather for two days and ended each day looking
great! I also agree with her on the power of beeswax!  Cindy says, “It is full of nutrients the skin drinks up, and it heals the skin as well. Also, beeswax let’s the skin breath, while protecting it from the environmental pollutants and weather.”   I have included her
demonstration video and of course, you can find more of Cindy on her website.


  1. Cindy is so beautiful,and I really enjoyed this interview, Pam. Her silver hair looks so healthy! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  2. This is so weird. First Patti's lace post right after I had put mine up, and now this. I have a post in the wings about trying to find the perfect "glow" product. I remembered seeing Cindy on the Going Gray Looking Great website and reading about her products. After being disappointed with the ones I purchased recently, I resolved this morning to find her Boom Sticks and give them a try. Now I know I'm absolutely supposed to!! Synchronicity is startling but wonderful. Thank you for the confirmation.

  3. I really am intriqued by his product and would love to try it.
    I am also totally whited headed at age 53. I started going grey in HS and started hightlighting it to hide in my mid 30s. Finally just was over the time and expense and money and chemicals. At about 45, just stopped highlighting and it was totally white. This is wierd to say but it was torlly liberating!

  4. Great interview Pam! And you looking amazing, I love your smile! I have some comments… Women who look like Cindy will never need any "helpers". Her skin is amazing and even though she is 60, she has no 'hollowing' in her face and her cheekbones are still high. She can say no to Botox and fillers because they are not needed on her beautiful face! I understand she wouldn't use them even if she did need them, but my point is that some women are fortunate in the way they age. Due to genes, healthy living, the way they feel about themselves, etc., they can escape the helpers. But, healthy living can only go so far. I know healthy women that have hollowed and lined faces. They have eyes that are sunken in because the face naturally loses volume as we age and the cheeks begin to drop. After menopause the face can take a literal nose dive for some women. Cindy is an exception to the rule here. Most women do not age like she does or rather, most women don't reject age like she does. And Cindy's hair is another story! She has soft and gorgeous grey hair! Not all grey hair looks like that. Some women have course grey hair and it is wirey; dyeing it makes it softer because it smoothes the cuticle. Fortunate is Cindy! If I had her hair I would never dye it. Thanks again for this interview, I am getting her cosmetics to try!

  5. Congratulations on the interview! As many positives as I find about aging,,,I would probably even more if I was blessed with her stunning beauty. Luckily she is using hers to help us all in the Pro-Aging revolution…a fitting legacy to leave our children!

  6. I understand her enthusiasm and positive approach to aging, but the comment "If you are healthy, stay healthy. If you’re not, get healthy" really bothered me as being so cavalier. Some of us cannot get healthy despite the best medical care (and don't forget those who do not have access to health care), and it's something we have to struggle with on a daily basis. While I like her spirit and she certainly looks great, I guess I don't feel that I have much in common with a wealthy supermodel whatever her age.

  7. Dear Anonymous, I completely understand why you have reacted that way to the "healthy" comment. I have many close friends who currently have cancer or have passed on and I know that for some it is not easy or possible to just "get healthy." In Cindy's defense, I believe she was speaking to women like myself who have neglected themselves too long. At 59, I really believe that I am just now taking my health seriously. I don't believe Cindy believes that anyone can just "get healthy." I apologize for any misconception and I want you to know that I completely understand your comment. As women, our similarities connect us more than our differences drive us apart. I am so empathetic with those walking through difficult illnesses. I have had to say goodbye to too many.

  8. I also want to add, after reading these comments, that by her own admission, Cindy does have hair extensions. I agree that natural is all well and good to a point. Everyone is different and must decide what they want to do relative to their looks/beauty health.

  9. Pam, you look beautiful, happy and healthy in that hat. Loved your interview of Cindy. Her products interest me and I may give them a try. Your skin appears radiant today!

  10. Hi Pam,
    Just wanted to let you know I'll be trying her products after reading your review. I don't like to wear too much on my skin so this may work out really well for me…..hope so!
    You look fabulous btw!

  11. She is radiant. I love her frank ideas about wrinkles and her beautiful platinum hair. Wondering what she means by pleasure-oriented…

  12. Hello fabulous ladies!

    Cindy`s products are AMAZING! I`ve been using them for a bout a month now and can already see a difference in my skin. My age spots have faded, my pores are smaller and my skin is clearer and `dewy`. The BoomSilk moisturizer is magical suff; I use it on my legs for razor burn and it clears it right up! Glo, Colour and Glimmer are all I use now. I`ve thrown out all my other make-up.

    Go to Cindy`s website, watch ALL the demos and give Boom! a try. You`ll be so glad you did!

    Love you all!


  13. I've admired Cindy Joseph every since she first graced the catalogs of Eileen Fisher clothing. She gives us the courage to shine "after a certain age" rather than feel shame. (I wonder, now, why Eileen Fisher stopped using mature models in her ads this year??) Our youth-obsessed culture makes it difficult to age authentically, but blogs like this one (and Cindy Joseph's) renew my hope for our generation of women. Thanks for the reminder. Cindy La Ferle

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