Whenever the fall looks hit the fashion scene, I begin to
lament over my serious lack of funds. 
However, if I take my seasonal wish list with me into GOODWILL, I can
usually come close to fulfilling my desires. 
For example, the skirt pictured below from Talbots’ new line has been on
my wish list ever since I laid eyes on it.  
I went on a recent Goodwill shopping spree with the skirt swimming in my
head and found a practically new Lane Bryant version…which I believe was from
Fall 2011. 

Currently at Talbots for $109
My version from Goodwill for $3.99

The Talbots skirt was pictured in the catalog with a bright
blue sweater…so I pulled out this bright blue blouse to style my version.  Just as cute….with more money in my
pocket.  It is worth it to take your fall
wish list to Goodwill and see what you can find.  I hope you enjoy the pictures from other
treasurers I found at our Highway 281@ Bitters location.  Then go enjoy the ladies from VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE;
and make sure you have your own fabulous Monday!!


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