I made more of a commitment to Instagram this past week and thought I might share with you a few of the images I posted there and a few I just liked from my last week of summer out and about!  Next week I have a fun contest for you with a fabulous prize and the inexpensive, amazing outfit Gigi wore on our first day back!  Have a Fabulous Saturday, Everyone!

Stein Mart put out some fun knit pencil skirts in a variety of prints and colors!
I called this one THEY PAVED PARADISE.  Since the freeway remodel started months ago,
there are a group of men who gather at the table outside of Starbuck’s to discuss the latest
phase of construction.  They kind of crack me up when I go past them to the grocery.

Morning Walk in August!
Garment Exchange Consignment Shop

Has to be my favorite one!  I saw it in a parking lot and turned back to go for the picture!
My son wanted me to ram it and make mashed potatoes!!

Happy Weekend!!

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