The Difference Styling Makes!

Here I go taking pictures at school again…thanks to Gigi and Mrs. Joy!!  I was genuinely surprised this week….This Dana Buchman from KOHL’S top has been in my closet for at least three years.  I have worn it to the same work, with the same people, off and on for all of those years!

But, for some reason, this week, I received tons of compliments on it…to the point of people saying it was one of their favorite outfits of mine.  The only different was the way I styled it.  I wore it with these Chico’s Travelers capris, ballet flats, and a long necklace from VERSONA, and a $2 clearance-price bracelet from KOHLS.

In the past, I have worn it with cotton capris, black jeans, and a black skirt.  Not a word was said….but today, it seemed to work.  Just a lesson to me of the difference styling does make and I shouldn’t really give up on a garment.  I was going to get rid of the blouse, but now, I think I will keep it around!

Have a great Friday everyone…and make sure you enter the contest from yesterday’s post to win the fun, versatile necklace above!


  1. I love the way you styled it. Can't go wrong with cropped black pants and ballet flats. Are you an art teacher? Funny, I never asked what you teach! xo

  2. I thought you taught writing? Definitely keep the top. I'm wondering if the taking care of yourself over the summer is what your colleagues were responding to? You do look great!

  3. Hi Ladies, I am so sorry I confused some of you!! Yes, I am a journalism teacher! My best friend, Gigi, is an art teacher and often takes my outfit pictures in her room. I should have explained that…so sorry!!

  4. It is amazing how certain items can shine, in different ways and at different times, depending how you style them. I also need to learn your secret for looking so vibrant and awake when you have to get up so early for school!

  5. You look fantastic- styling yes, but the joy on your face- I'm thinking the difference is in your attitude! Happy Friday to you as well, you lovely woman, you!

  6. It's definitely a keeper…and I'm thinking that the pants and the ballet flats (French, n'est pa?) may be the secret.

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