Here I go taking pictures at school again…thanks to Gigi and Mrs. Joy!!  I was genuinely surprised this week….This Dana Buchman from KOHL’S top has been in my closet for at least three years.  I have worn it to the same work, with the same people, off and on for all of those years!

But, for some reason, this week, I received tons of compliments on it…to the point of people saying it was one of their favorite outfits of mine.  The only different was the way I styled it.  I wore it with these Chico’s Travelers capris, ballet flats, and a long necklace from VERSONA, and a $2 clearance-price bracelet from KOHLS.

In the past, I have worn it with cotton capris, black jeans, and a black skirt.  Not a word was said….but today, it seemed to work.  Just a lesson to me of the difference styling does make and I shouldn’t really give up on a garment.  I was going to get rid of the blouse, but now, I think I will keep it around!

Have a great Friday everyone…and make sure you enter the contest from yesterday’s post to win the fun, versatile necklace above!

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