Can Comfy and Stylish Go Together?

My wonderful oldest son is about to graduate from college and enter the professional world.  We butted heads a little bit last weekend over his attire.  He still dresses like a college student…the only pair of jeans are very baggy, ragged, and decorated with paint.

He says comfort is everything and one cannot dress comfortably and professional.  He kept shooting down my options because they were not comfortable…as far as he was concerned.   I told him the adage….Dress for the job you want,  not for the job you have.  He rolled his eyes, and said, “Can I buy clothes without trying them on? ….I just do not want to try them on!”  And, if you look at how his clothes fit, he obviously doesn’t try them on!!

My husband told me to leave him alone after I said, “Of course, you can be comfortable and look great!”  Finally, he has agreed to shop with me after graduation in early December!  It will be a necessary, but not necessarily-fun day!

The outfit I am wearing today I was very comfortable in and still felt stylish!  I think the two can exist together!  How about you…do you believe they can???

Brown denim: Lane Bryant
Black tank and jacket: Travelers by Chicos
Jewelry:  KOHLS
Leopard Ballet Flats: Sam Edleman from DSW


  1. I agree! Fashion and comfort can go hand in hand. I go for a good fit in textiles I can wear. (I hate anything wool!) He'll learn! And you do look fab! Love the shoes!

  2. My husband dresses up very seldom, but when he does, he just looks great…and i think he is always surprised that all but the dress shoes (worn too seldom to be broken in) are comfortable. I have been struggling with this for the past month. I ended up dressing for autonomy and definitely did NOT look as sharp as I like. But i was comfortable.

  3. Hate to mimic others, but the shoes are fabulous! I have been reading the fashion mags, and they are all saying that one MUST wear heels to be in style….would love to send them your photos….and the responses you get! Wouldn't that have to change someone's mind about what we really want to wear? As always…thank you for your posts…I am not the only over 50 wanting to be thought of as someone other than "Nanny"! LOL

  4. You look Great! I agree with you totally that you can be both comfortable and fashionable – you just need to learn what works for you. If you look good you feel good and radiate positive energy.

  5. I am learning that this is very true and I'm gearing my wardrobe and style more toward this exact idea.
    Good luck with your son and the shopping trip. My daughter is now 30 and never did like to shop. Still doesn't. She does, however, have pieces that look nice on her and fit well….she is just very minimalistic. I do admire that in her. So I found your experience a little humorous and relatable.

  6. I'll be the odd one out, here. I don't think stylish and comfort do equate to the same feeling. My undergarments which make the clothing fit better are not comfortable. I have tried tons of brands, and under-wires are killers for me. Same with slacks. True fitted slacks don't have elastic waists, like a pair of sweats. I really cannot afford things like silk jersey right now or really good slacks. I find items at places like Target or Kohls to be poorly made, but work in the short term. Thank goodness for thrift stores.

    I also think "comfort" becomes a different definition based upon what one tends to wear. When I had to dress professionally for teaching school, I would have said my slacks, blouses and flats were comfortable. Now, I live in elastic waist jeans,cotton T shirts and tennis shoes? I would hate to get back into the other clothing on a daily basis.

    You son will learn soon enough that he can't wear baggy, saggy and get a professional job. Sometimes those hard lessons stick with them the longest. I'm with your husband. It's time for mom to breathe a sigh of relief and let him make his own choices.


  7. I don't know about men, but for me? I don't wear anything that's not comfortable. Things don't have to be baggy or sloppy to be comfortable. They just have to fit right.

    Anything I buy to wear has to pass the pretty, flattering, stylish AND comfortable test. 馃檪

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  8. The two do co-exist and your outfit today is proof of it! Love the necklace…You look stunning. My son hated shopping and trying on clothes. Then he discovered girls and began working at Hollister. He the realized being stylish helps pick up chicks. Hee hee. I never would have guessed the boy who hated shopping would end up working in retail through college! xo

  9. You look fabulous as always!!! I'f i'm not comfortable then I'm not stylish as far as I'm concerned.
    LOL at your son–my sister has the conversation with her three sons all the time. They act like wearing a tie will make your head pop off!!

  10. Your picture proves the two co-exist. I love the outfit you put together – the jewelry is beautiful and unique. Love the flats – so cute!

  11. Hi Pam!

    I am always comfortable, it's my first priority because i sit all day at a computer –
    You always stylish and comfortable
    About your son, what did he graduate in? you should see the engineers where i work, no style at all very very casual too much sometimes

    Take care

    Ariane xxxx

  12. Hmm… depends what job he's going to be doing and the context, I guess. My husband's been a computer programmer for years and these days he works (as do all his colleagues) in jeans, sneakers and a t shirt.

    For interviews he has a lovely suit, but that's the only time it sees daylight (or weddings or funerals).

    I suggest you take your son (or even better, your husband does) to the city for lunch to spy on what guys doing jobs similar to what he is looking for are wearing. Then go and buy the same, but slightly better 'cos as a graduate he's going to need to stand out as excellent in every way.

    Good luck!

  13. i can bet i will be having that same conversation with my sons
    they just don't get it
    you are looking so very chic here, that necklace totally makes the outfit come alive

  14. I agree that "comfortable" is a relative term when it comes to clothing. My work clothes are comfortable compared to many "lawyer clothes", but I still relish coming home and changing into my jammies.

    But he should, at the very least, have some comfortable but not sloppy clothing. If he's looking for work, it is crucial that he appear neat at all times, really. You never know who you will run into….

    Oh! Your necklace is stunning. STUNNING!!!

  15. Comfortable and stylish definitely go together. Although there are times when I'd rather wear less comfortable clothing to get the look, most of the time I like to be comfortable.

  16. I'm already looking forward to see the post on your shopping together! Of course he can be stylish and comfortable at the same time. But it does take some imagination. And doesn't he have the best teacher? I hope we get to see photos of him!

    I love those ballet flats – talk about stylish and comfortable at the same time!

  17. I feel that it is trickier but essential for true style. You must feel comfortable. That said, I agree with you- dress for the life you want- and push your comfort zone to include that. Son, I would tell your son, men's clothing can/should be comfortable as well as well fitted. Do it.

  18. Just found your blog while reading 'Un femme d'un certain age' Which I certainly am ! I agree comfort & style can go together. You don't have to wear track suit bottoms to be comfy. You look absolutely Fab in your casual comfy stylish outfit. I'm so glad I found your blog, I was getting a bit fed up of reading all the blogs on how to paint thrift store furniture. I'll spend some time reading your older posts & certainly try & get the book about why I don't lose weight.(Not so sure as I live in France) It sounds just like I am.

  19. Hi Pam. Thanks for your friendly comment on my post. I managed to find the book 'Weight Loss in Steps' on Amazon UK. Ive just ordered it, can't wait for it to arrive. I hope it will help me in being able to decrease my weight & eventually understand my body after all these years. 72nd birthday coming up next weekend … But in my mind & outlook on life, I still feel young. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

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