My wonderful oldest son is about to graduate from college and enter the professional world.  We butted heads a little bit last weekend over his attire.  He still dresses like a college student…the only pair of jeans are very baggy, ragged, and decorated with paint.

He says comfort is everything and one cannot dress comfortably and professional.  He kept shooting down my options because they were not comfortable…as far as he was concerned.   I told him the adage….Dress for the job you want,  not for the job you have.  He rolled his eyes, and said, “Can I buy clothes without trying them on? ….I just do not want to try them on!”  And, if you look at how his clothes fit, he obviously doesn’t try them on!!

My husband told me to leave him alone after I said, “Of course, you can be comfortable and look great!”  Finally, he has agreed to shop with me after graduation in early December!  It will be a necessary, but not necessarily-fun day!

The outfit I am wearing today I was very comfortable in and still felt stylish!  I think the two can exist together!  How about you…do you believe they can???

Brown denim: Lane Bryant
Black tank and jacket: Travelers by Chicos
Jewelry:  KOHLS
Leopard Ballet Flats: Sam Edleman from DSW

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