“I was never defeated by age; I was inspired by it.”   -Kate Walsh, actress

Yes!  It’s Friday and time to go home and relax or go out and have fun.  Today, I wanted to share with you some interesting bits of news I have accumulated:

First: The October Harper’s Bazaar (as always) has great articles for all ages.  I particularly enjoyed the story about Kate Walsh’s rise to success in her later years called, “I Made It After 35!”

“Everyone wants instant gratification.  But success is that much sweeter when you’re all grown up.”  Kate Walsh

Second:  Macy’s wants its core audience to trend younger.  Check out the article HERE.  So what do you think…good move for Macy’s??

Third:  San Antonio Fashion Week is next week!  It is packed with excitement and I hope to attend some of the functions…it is a tough week for my real job, but I will make every effort to bring you some news!!

FINALLY, I am so honored to have been asked to be an official Style Ambassador for Harper’s Bazaar!!  I hope to bring you some inside scoop  from one of the top fashion magazines around, setting a chic fashion communications standard!!  I am so excited!!!!

Have a great weekend all ….make sure you tell me what you think of Macy’s decision to focus younger!!

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