One Big Special Announcement Plus Headline News

“I was never defeated by age; I was inspired by it.”   -Kate Walsh, actress

Yes!  It’s Friday and time to go home and relax or go out and have fun.  Today, I wanted to share with you some interesting bits of news I have accumulated:

First: The October Harper’s Bazaar (as always) has great articles for all ages.  I particularly enjoyed the story about Kate Walsh’s rise to success in her later years called, “I Made It After 35!”

“Everyone wants instant gratification.  But success is that much sweeter when you’re all grown up.”  Kate Walsh

Second:  Macy’s wants its core audience to trend younger.  Check out the article HERE.  So what do you think…good move for Macy’s??

Third:  San Antonio Fashion Week is next week!  It is packed with excitement and I hope to attend some of the functions…it is a tough week for my real job, but I will make every effort to bring you some news!!

FINALLY, I am so honored to have been asked to be an official Style Ambassador for Harper’s Bazaar!!  I hope to bring you some inside scoop  from one of the top fashion magazines around, setting a chic fashion communications standard!!  I am so excited!!!!

Have a great weekend all ….make sure you tell me what you think of Macy’s decision to focus younger!!


  1. I read that article by Kate Walsh. Such a smart lady and a great article!

    A huge congratulations on being asked to represent Harper's Bazaar! That is just amazing! Nice work 🙂

  2. Macy's: bad decision. "Younger" have plenty of places to shop, there is a ton of competition. But adults who need fashionable career and weekend wear? Not so many options. Grown-ups need nice things, too… and we have money!

  3. All I know right now, Debby, is that they will give me assignments to cover. It is up to me what I am able to do or not do. Also, they will send products to review. I think this will be so much fun. It is a great honor to be selected!

  4. How exciting to be chosen as a style ambassador! I can't wait to hear about your adventures.
    As for Macy's, I've always felt the store was an unfocused mess. That doesn't mean I don't go there, I do occasionally because the have a good bathing suit department. Honestly, when I read in the article that their main customer were baby boomers I scratched me head in confusion. Really? The one here is very young. I'm not sure how they could go younger.

  5. Good luck, you deserve it! I rely on Macy's for quality shoes, petite outerwear and suiting and brands like Ralph Lauren. I agree that younger customers probably buy more items of clothing every year than older customers. Is Macy's going to sell upscale clothes for Millenials or try to outdo Foever21 on the cheaper clothing side?

  6. wow pam
    that is so exciting, i bet you squealed like a little girl when you opened up that package
    so happy for you, this is just awesome

  7. First CONGRATULATIONS on your new assignment!!! You do deserve it is obvious you are a hard worker and LOVE what you do.
    Second, I am looking forward to the YOUNG focus at Macy's. Why? Because I think clothes are more about attitude than age. In my opinion Macy's have two choices for fashion. Poor selection for Juniors and way too many MATRONLY board room ready career oriented clothes and nothing in between. If they can come up with something more interesting than what they currently offer I am all for it.

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