The Truth About Style: A Book Review

In the past two weeks, I have found myself each day on the
counselor’s couch evaluating my life…pouring out everything inside. Then, I watch with awe as my counselor ends the session by taking my hand, leading me from the couch to a rack of the latest trends and becoming my personal stylist! Such is the feeling I have when reading Stacy
London’s new book, The Truth about Style.  
Many of you know my story.  I went
through a wake-up call at 50 and began a reinvention.  My style re-do for the next three years
would be totally guided by What Not To Wear
I will never discount the importance Stacy and Clinton played in the birth of a new
confidence for me.
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London’s book has the same impact.  She takes us through many of the nightmares
in a woman’s life which can lead to “style shut down,”and shows us how to
literally START OVER.  The refreshing
part is her humility to share her own story as a child traumatized by severe psoriasis
to a young woman facing the reality of
an eating disorder to the successful business woman she is today.  Within that story is the secret to her
signature gray streak in the front of her hair! 
However, her story,entwined with the stories of real life women she
selected for the book, makes this honestly the most powerful style book I have
read since beginning this blog!!
Here is just a sampling of my favorite quotes:
       Style doesn’t start with your body – it starts
with your brain.
       By changing your style, you’re forced to change
the way you perceive yourself.
      It’s everyone’s right to feel good regardless of
age, size, and budget.
       You limit your options every time you do not try
your best….(I
will be using this quote in my classroom in high school).
       When we allow others to control how we feel
about ourselves, we give up an essential sense of power.
       The goal should always be to look good for your
age, not to look as if you are chasing your youth.  Nothing screams “out of touch with reality”
more than trying to look twenty years younger than you are.
       After 40, you hit the new A.G.E.: Attractiveness, Generosity,
       It takes the same amount of time to put on good
clothes as bad clothes
      Perfection is the enemy of style.  It’s actually the enemy of all of life
experiences.  If you don’t try, you don’t
fail – but you don’t succeed either.

OK…I will stop there…though I have a longer list.  But, I want you to buy the book….because I
believe it is an important one.  The
chapters about younger girls also will help us in guiding those younger women
around us to make good decisions with style development.   This book is a proclamation of strength and healing…not just the usual fashion advice of wear this dress or don’t wear that….but understand who you are, where you have
been and that anyone can Start Over!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!  Stay Safe!


  1. I really enjoyed this book too! After reading it I've been inspired wear clothes that are brighter and more visible. To be "out there" just a bit more. Thanks for sharing this great review! (Love the leopard scarf!)

  2. I love her and Clinton! There show is so inspiring and I love how good they make women feel after their transformations. She seems like such a confident woman, you'd never guessed that she too faced struggles like all of us! xo

    1. I have learned a lot from WNTW….and I think Stacy and I do look at many things in the same way…but I am honored that you said that, Patti….I think you will enjoy the book!

  3. I have to read this book, so great.. I love What not to Wear also and often wish I could go on there and get an overhaul.. especially my hair.. you look awesome Pam.. I havent known you any other way but it sounds like you have come a long way!! thanks for your great authentic sharing about your journey!! xo oJ

  4. I read an earlier review of Stacy's book and the video and I was impressed with her sensitivity. She didn't seem to steam roll over women and completely take over their lives in the aggressive manner adopted by Trinny and Susannah and Gok – all of whom I want to jump on. I'm really happy you decided to take charge of your own life as it shows in your smile, your posture, your demeanour:))) xo

    1. She is so sensitive in this book…I learned so much about her that I was so impressed with. I think you would like it…she approaches some tough topics with a empathetic heart.

  5. I don't like to watch WNTW because I cringe at how rude they are to the people they're re-doing. It hurts me to listen to them sometimes.

    I know they're rude because the people they're working won't listen to them unless they do something really outrageous, but I still flinch at the way Stacy and Clinton talk to them.

    However, I like that they never suggest anybody try to change their body, no talk of dieting or "when you're thinner." I think that's their best point.

  6. I was looking at the book at Barnes and Noble and read about her struggle. I am also a follower of What Not to Wear and love the transformations they accomplish.

  7. She is kind of awesome. She and Clinton are so popular, part of me wants to say, "Oh, they're not all THAT," but I can't do it. So often, when I watch the show, I'm newly impressed by how sensitive they are while still being really scathingly funny. I'm a sucker for a good style book, so I'll take a look.

  8. Thank you for sharing this with us. I have always admired Stacy and Clinton on What not to Wear. They see into your being and let the real you, the pretty, the nice, and let you finally feel it. I am going to order the book today for my daughter. thanks Paula

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