In the past year, I have been poked, prodded and probed….but
not by a doctor.  Retailers seeking
information on how to improve their products have inundated me with opinion
Now I actually respect those who are fighting to keep their
businesses alive.  I respect the opinion
survey and take it quite seriously.  What
I don’t understand is when after months of surveys…. I not see changes??  Maybe I am naïve and it takes more time to
implement changes, but I honestly do not know how much time some of these
places have to wait.
They seem to want to know what is important to a woman of a
certain age….yet, I do not see that reflected in the selections from their
buyers…in their selections of models…and in their advertising.  There is at least one retailer I keep sending
the message…IMPROVE YOUR SERVICE.  Yet,
it doesn’t seem to change.

Now, I know I am being vague…sorry.  I do not want to be specific because I would
like these places to keep asking my opinion. 
It is interesting to give thoughts and know of their future plans…and ,
in fairness, I do not have the time to make it by some of these places often…so,
maybe changes are underway and I missed them.
What do I want?
Great prices: Like this jacket from a resale shop
Great fit: Like these Lee Jeans from Kohls
Great Style: Like this Dana Buchman necklace from Kohls
Great shoes: Like these flats from Target
Ladies, what would you tell fashion retailers today is the
way to keep or get your business?  Who do
you think is targeting the Baby Boomer audience well?  Who is not? 
We have had similar discussions on this blog before…but, with so many
new readers, let’s see if anything has changed.
Tomorrow, I will tell you Gigi’s favorite retailer and
why?  Til then, please visit on Thursday Katie’s Favorite Things Blog Hop!  And check out Lynne’s Goodwill Goldmine Party!! and see all of the fun looks from thrift experts!!!
Have a Marvelous Thursday, all!!
Thursday Favorite Things
P.S. Did you hear that John Travolta and Olivia Newton John
are making a Christmas CD??  Though this article calls it cheesy….I am all over that…I love occasional cheesy! Can’t wait for Danny and Sandy to return!

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