Regular readers of this blog know I have changed to a healthy lifestyle of eating and exercising.  While I know I have lost inches since I began last spring, I also know that I have only dropped about 8-10 pounds, depending on the day I weigh.  I have been very frustrated as I walk and walk, and eat mostly healthy foods as to why the weight is not coming off a little faster.

After I first posed this question, Kathleen Morrison sent me her book called Weight Loss In Steps….which directly answers the questions as to why all of us fabulous over 50 women lose weight at a much slower pace.

At least, I walk and will keep it going.  She recommends walking!

This little 28-page book just might be the most power-packed eating plan to come along.  I say “just might be” because I have not tested it yet….but I plan to.  It does require some courageous decisions about eating.  I have to be realistic…in my immediate future is hosting a wedding shower, Thanksgiving, Christmas, hosting a rehearsal dinner and then a family wedding…all before the clock ticks 2013.  (But, because of reading her book, I am going to load up on celery for all of these events.  I had no idea the power of celery until this book…I thought it just gave you something to crunch during a diet.  Celery has amazing health benefits and, Kat writes, should be eaten every day!)

The beauty I find on my walks make it a vital part of my day!

So, in January, I am going to give her plan a try.  Just to drop kick  me into some healthier eating decisions.  My desire for weight loss is mostly because I still need to keep blood test results going the right direction and get out of potential heart disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and osteoporosis trouble.  She may be right and most of the secret lies in salt and sugar…two areas that will be tough for me.

You can check out Kathleen’s Blog: Wrapped Beautifully; her FACEBOOK page; or order the book from Amazon.
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