Autumn Recipes and Clothes with Heat!

It’s been hot in my kitchen and hot outside…so, let’s start in the kitchen!  As promised, here are the two recipes from last weekend’s autumn-themed bridal shower!!:

A Great Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Crush one cup of walnuts, very fine, in the food processor and set aside.

Blend together one 8-oz. package of cream cheese (softened); 10-12 ounces of sharp shredded cheddar cheese; 1/4 cup crumbled blue cheese; 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce; 1/4 teaspoon celery salt; 1/4 teaspoon onion or garlic salt.  Blend until mixed well.

Spread the walnuts on a cutting board.  Take the cheese mixture in your hands and place on top of the nuts.  Shape into a ball and roll until covered well by the walnuts.  Make your shape look like a pumpkin.  Use a knife to draw the lines around the pumpkin. Break off a cinnamon stick for the stalk and I used real leaves placed on the cheese ball before serving!  I have also seen a broccoli stem used for the stalk.

Spice Pumpkin Cheese Cupcakes
For the cakes, I used the Duncan Hines Cake Mix for Spice Cake, and switched vegetable oil for melted butter…gives it a richer flavor.
Follow the instructions for cupcakes.  Freeze the night before and the icing will go on better. I went to Michael’s and purchased Wilton Autumn cupcake papers and candy pumpkins for the top (they give teachers a discount!)

Cream Cheese Frosting
Blend together two 8-oz packages of cream cheese (softened), 1/2 cup of butter softened, 2 cups of confectioners’ sugar, and one teaspoon of vanilla.  I bought an icing bottle at our grocery and you just fill it with the icing and squeeze through the tip which makes the swirls….very easy.  Put a pumpkin on top!

The autumn leaf cookie cutter was used to cut out tea sandwiches in the shape of the leaves.

It is unseasonably warm in Texas!  So, all I did today was wear this lightweight shirt from Lane Bryant.  

The jewelry is from Stein Mart last year and the shoes from Ross!!  It was comfortable for a laid back day at work!  I sent 25 of my journalism students out yesterday to do exit polling, so we were busy today compiling notes, editing film, downloading pictures.  We were all tired from a busy election day!

Have a fabulous Thursday and make sure you visit the ladies from Katie’s Favorite Things Blog Hop!


  1. I think you're getting the heat that just passed through here. Take heart, today in the low 70's and tomorrow in the 60's. Hopefully headed your way!

  2. I think this outfit is one of my favorites. It looks pretty and comfy.

    Looks like you cooked up some fun in the kitchen!

  3. your recipes look delish
    hard to imagine a heat wave anywhere right now
    but, then i remember back to my houston days
    hope cool weather comes your way soon

  4. Wonderful Pam! The cheese ball is perfect for the holiday season and those cupcakes look delicious. Micheal's has some of the best things don't they?! They've got the best scrap booking supplies! I used to pay a fortune for all the acid free paper and supplies…now I can go to Micheal's and purchase things for much less and they are always having sales.

    Seattle is getting chilly.. woke up to temps in the thirties.


  5. Thanks for the recipe for the cheese ball, I see there's lots of English ingredients in it, so must be good! Your outfit looks great,love the design on the shirt, which could also be worn open over a black strappy top & a glittery necklace for evening,very versatile.

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