When you feel the need to whine about all that is going on
around you, just remember, we are women…wired differently…able to multi-task by
birthright…unfortunate for men, the poor dears, they just are not designed to
handle doing several different jobs all at once!  (OK, be gentle in the comments)

My life as a peaceful empty-nester officially was paused
about a month back when my pregnant daughter and her husband moved in with us
for a while.  They are transitioning from
life in Saipan to life in Texas and living with the in-laws just makes
financial sense for the moment.   I have
returned to daily household tasks which had eased up a bit when it was just the
two of us.  But, I am not complaining…it
is a true joy to have them here.

I BELIEVE I can do this…in a great silk jacket and blouse from

It is what lies ahead through December which gives me pause…but
I know I can see it through.  School goes
longer this year before we break, so in between teaching high school I will

Appear on TV with Goodwill
Celebrate my 28th wedding anniversary
Cover two major blog events
Take everything out of the master bath and closets for trim and ceiling painting
Take everything out of the master bedroom for trim painting
and carpeting
Complete Christmas shopping, wrap Christmas shopping
Meet my monthly freelance writing deadline (includes
conducting interviews)

help my daughter compile a list for baby showers
Attend my son’s college graduation
Welcome my youngest son home to also live with us for a semester
(more laundry!)
Attend my husband’s company Christmas party
Welcome my oldest son to live at home while awaiting
marriage (that’s now six living in the house)
Serve a Christmas meal for seven
Hostess a rehearsal dinner…for fifty
Attend my son’s wedding
( Whew,some how writing it all down helps!)

This is all surrounded by meals, house cleaning (there is no
maid, I am the maid…sometimes my husband is the maid), laundry, blogging, email, exercise, errands, pets, etc.
etc.   How can I do this?  I am woman…uniquely made to do MORE, and I know there are some of you who have even more than I do on your plates.  Hear us ROAR….or watch us FAINT!  (A sense of humor at times like this is critical!!)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!  For local readers, watch me Saturday morning at 7:30 AM on KENS 5 Morning News with Goodwill!  I pulled looks for holiday parties at Goodwill this evening…it was so much fun!  


  1. you know what else women are good at???
    making things seem a lot bigger and more difficult in our heads, when things aren't usually as complicated etc in real life!!
    hope all goes smoothly and that is the case for you
    love the color of this silk jacket

  2. Wow Pam, I thought I had a busy month, but you make me look like a lightweight. If I am starting to feel overwhelmed I will think of you. You are now my #1 December Role Model. Keep us posted if you have any tips on how to balance it all! XO, Jill

  3. Wow. Now that is quite a list. And if ever there was a time to hire a little cleaning help, it is now. Yes, you are woman and you are capable, but you are also human and have your own life and projects to tend to.

    Best wishes for all the transitioning folks in your house!

    1. This is unusual because we have the wedding in this month…not often does everything hit at once. I just do not have the money for cleaning help…but I know between the six of us we will get it done. My husband really cleans a lot…he particularly likes the floors done a certain way. I like the kitchen to stay cleaned…but I might have to relax on my controls there just for this month!! Thanks for reading and commmenting SE!

  4. Real women delegate! There's no reason why your grown children and husband can't do loads of laundry, surely? And other household chores? They're not guests to be catered to, they're family!

    I'm prone to very much overloading myself (just been through a bit bout of it) so I'm trying hard to learn to say no to things, reschedule, make sure I put in rest time as well and ask for help and support.

    Best of luck with your December!


    1. You are so right, Eleanorjane! I do delegate some…and I want to clarify that I do not do laundry for my daughter and her husband. The fact I do it for grown sons is my fault…I am a little bit of a control freak…I like their clothes to look nice and sometimes the way they do laundry bugs me. So, that one is completely….my fault! I choose the pain! I have said NO to many things already…this is what I gleaned down that I would accept on the plate…but until after the wedding, I have to say NO to many blog opportunities…there will be more in January! Thanks for your great comments!

  5. Good Morning Pam, I am woman, hear me roar….and roar you should as you have so very much on your list….and only 24 days to complete your list! Yes, as woman we are amazing multi-taskers, but sometimes I wonder if we expect too much from ourselves. Maybe it is time to delegate a few tasks to allow you, to take a little time for yourself. You have a very busy time ahead of you and by the end you will be exhausted, so from one woman to another, please take care of YOURSELF aswell. Have a lovely, but not too tiring weekend. Best Wishes Daphne

    1. There is some delegation taking place, Daphne…honestly whatever I am doing as far as housework, is my own choice that I want some things done a certain way. Sometimes we pick our own poison and I am well aware that I tend to do that. thanks for reading!

  6. There are a lot of wonderful things on your list. I do wonder though why you are doing laundry and extra housework for adult children? Time to have a family meeting and assign chores equally perhaps.

    1. My husband is an amazing housekeeper and her really helps a lot…he does all floors! My daughter is six months pregnant and I really believe that she is doing all she can to take care of her family needs. Sometimes I don't delegate because I want things done a particular way…and that is my fault! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

    2. Just a thought – when we stayed with relatives over Thanksgiving they wouldn't let us do anything – even load the dishwasher. It felt demeaning to us as though we either weren't considered capable or whatever. I know it is a control issue on the relative's part but perhaps thinking about the message you may be sending to other adults when you won't let them do the things they are quite capable of when on their own might help you let them take ownership of their own responsibilities. Happy holidays.

  7. 1. You look great!!!!
    2. Scratch the repaint job off your list. Really who cares what those rooms look like for one more month. Even if you have guests for wedding and/or baby shower just close the door. I stopped giving home tours a long……..time ago.
    3. I agree with delegate comments. I would add EVERYONE can take a turn making and cleaning up dinner.
    4. Do only 3 blog posts a week. Start with a disclaimer like, "This month I will blog only 3 days a week because I am preparing for a wedding, a new baby(not mine:)) and Christmas."

  8. You guys are so sweet trying to help manage all of this…of course, much of this I choose to do…I choose how many blog posts to write and you have a great suggestion here. The paint and carpet are non-negotiables…we are in the midst of refinancing and this will add to the value of the house! Thanks for helping out!

  9. That's nice that you have your daughter there. Things will never be the same again -which is not a bad thing at all- once she has the baby, this is a good time to enjoy together.

  10. I am so happy with your success as a blogger. You make us all proud! I'm an avid list maker but if that were my list I think I would be hopping on a plane to Calgon land!
    Have a great weekend and be sure to get some rest…………..

  11. Wow, what a list! Sounds like you have it all under control though. Surprising how a little humor and writing it all down helps. Having grown children come home does add to the work load — I'm a bit of a control freak myself so I can totally relate to the laundry thing — but when it gets overwhelming we just remember how fortunate we are that they feel comfortable enough to "come back home" and somehow we make it through with a smile on our face.

  12. Whew, I got winded ust reading about your to-do list. In the past six years I married off two daughters which was quickly followed by three amazing grandchildren. Family needs can get overwhelming, especially during the holidays. I found that doing something just for me delivers fresh mojo. In my case its often a trip to the local thrift to pick up a new "treasure". Right now I'm wearing my latest find, a Missoni sweater uncovered in a pile for just $25 as I make my third turkey dinner in two weeks.

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