Fashion Resolution: Resolve to Always Look Your Best!

This is my last fashion resolution for the week…next week, I
look forward to discussing personal resolutions which include annual goals for
this blog!!
Today, I just want to encourage you to take time and look
your best no matter where you are headed. 
I have written before about the importance of fixing up for running
errands.  Today, I want to encourage you
to always look great for your significant other and take time to date!!  Despite all the chaos around us this month,
Mr. B and I have made it to a Spurs NBA Game and to the opening day of Les
This is one outfit I enjoyed when we were out and about.  It includes a tunic blouse from Lane Bryant with a touch of bling on the collar, and a Chicos Travelers pants and jacket…very
comfortable for sitting in stands or theaters.
I hope all of you have a wonderful New Year’s weekend and
ring in 2013 with laughter and joy.
This lovely couple…my son and his high school and college sweetheart…will
be wed on Sunday, so the weekend is packed. 
I will return next week, hopefully, with some fun pictures and new posts.  I look forward to seeing you then.
Happy New Year!

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  1. Pam, this is a wonderful example of a simple ensemble that still looks so elegant and put-together! I agree, we don't have to dress "to the nines" every day, but looking pulled together always IS do-able.

  2. I like just about everything in the first photo. The entrance looks inspiring and your outfit so smart esp the pants.This shape fits you greatly. Congratulations,for your son's wedding .It's so promising to see young couples start their common life journey!You must be so full of emotions.

  3. I agree, Pam that its important to always look your best even when just running a couple of quick errands. I notice that if I don't put any effort into my appearance, that I enjoy my time less, I avoid looking at people and interacting with them. If I don't make an effort to look nice, I'm in a hurry to get home and change my appearance. I don't want to do that! I want to be engaged in every moment of my life.

  4. What a beautiful couple your son and future DIL make!
    You are right – it is important to always look one's best. Sometimes dressing up a bit gets me out of a funk.
    Enjoy the wedding! I am sure it will be a lovely event – and an unforgettably special day.

  5. Good reminder about making that little extra effort. I always feel better with at least a little make-up and a pair of earrings. I feel naked without earrings!

    I'm sure the wedding will be gorgeous, and you'll breathe a big sigh of relief when it's over! Enjoy!

  6. ha, you just reminded me that I have a blinged out collar shirt in my closet just waiting to be worn
    I hope all goes fabulously with the wedding this weekend

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