I Will Return…Just Need Some Time

Dear Sweet Friends and Readers,

I am a mother, soon to be grandmother, teacher, journalism teacher, and woman of deep faith…I just need a couple of days to process.  I will return to the next Visible Monday and the joy this blog gives me.  But for now, I am mourning and praying for our country.

What can you wear today….please put on love…always wear love…



  1. Take your time and enjoy your family!
    It is hard to wrap our minds around the events that have taken place, but we must remember that ultimately God is in control and we must look to him for peace and comfort.

  2. God is Love; and love enfolds us,
    all the world in one embrace:
    with unfailing grasp God holds us,
    every child of every race.
    And when human hearts are breaking
    under sorrow’s iron rod,
    then we find that self-same aching
    deep within the heart of God.

    God is Love; and though with blindness
    sin afflicts all human life,
    God’s eternal loving-kindness
    guides us through our earthly strife.
    Sin and death and hell shall never
    o’er us final triumph gain;
    God is Love, so Love for ever
    o’er the universe must reign.

    – We sang this hymn this morning and it seemed apt for the circumstances. God bless you all…


  3. Pam, we're all processing this in different ways, and handling as best we can. It's been a body blow. In those last few words from A Christmas Carol, "God bless us, every one."

  4. This is definitely a time to mourn…Thank you for taking this time…May we all walk with His hand on our heads just now…

  5. Yes. There are no words and it's almost all we can think of day and night. This is one of those times when the human mind cannot absorb such evil and sadness.


  6. Oh Pam, as a teacher, mother and senstive soul, I realize this national tragedy must have hit you hard. My thoughts and prayers are with the community affected by this terrible loss of life, and with you. Wishing you solace and healing and sending you much love!

  7. Pam I am thinking of you and how much harder this event would affect you.
    You are in my prayers as well as all of the families and baby angels.

    Love and Hugs
    Art by Karena

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