Right after I delivered a baby girl in the 1980s, a friend
told me if I wanted her to wear cute hats and headbands then I needed to put
them on her as a newborn.  I followed her
advice and even today my daughter loves to wear hats and berets.  Maybe that is why I have always been
self-conscious in hats…I do not remember ever wearing them in my youth.
Only sense becoming a blogger have I yearned to be a
fabulous hat- fashionista and walk out with the same confidence as a Judith Boyd of Style Crone.  In the last two years, Judith has
become one of my style icons and someone I strive to emulate as I grow older.  She is beyond amazing with her style!  Also, so many incredible women have donned hats in classic movies, but somehow all I can remember is Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail, telling Tom Hanks that a butterfly got off the subway to buy a hat at Bloomingdales, and that it would be a mistake as all hats are!
So, last week when I tried on this hat at Soft Surroundings,
I fell in love immediately and thought, “Now is the time to be courageous and
step out in this hat! Forget the butterflies!”  I planned my hat
debut for the blogger event I was invited to at Neiman Marcus on Saturday.  But, it didn’t go down easy!
Hat and Sweater Tunic: Soft Surroundings
Leggings: Coldwater Creek
Black Flats:  Goodwill SA
I actually sat in the parking lot for 20 minutes watching
people enter.  The first ten minutes…no
one wore a hat….then a gangly Cowboy with a white handle bar moustache
sauntered by and I thought, “OK, at least he has on a hat”…still no women
exited their cars in hats.  Finally, a
woman in a wonderful, multi-colored turban entered the store, so I shook my
head and sat up straight…”COME ON, CHICKEN…JUST DO IT!”  It was time to face my hat visibility fear head on!
Necklace: Kohls
Once inside the store, though I saw no one in hats
immediately, I somehow felt accepted…at home. (No one in the store knew I had
hat-fear or that I was wearing shoes I purchased at Goodwill!!)  I put on one of my smiles and began to search
for my 2:00 appointment.  Later I spied
at least three other women of a certain age in hats, but by that time, I was
feeling pretty fine….a new hat lover has been born!!  OK, I confess, I left it in the car when I
stopped at the grocery on the way home…Baby Steps, Baby Steps!
I really loved this woman’s look and her presence just helped to make me more comfortable.
Tomorrow, I am going to introduce you to someone who is a loss for New York
and a gain for San Antonio!!  I met three inspiring over 50 people on Saturday and I hope they will inspire you as well.  So, please
stop back by.
Also, the winner of the gorgeous Soft Surroundings Casablanca Topper is
….Jennifer Comet Wagner!! 
Congratulations Jennifer!  Enjoy
your topper…I know I love mine!
Now, please go visit the other wonderful bloggers from VISIBLE MONDAYCREATIVE MONDAYSMONDAY MINGLE and have a Monday full of holiday magic!



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