It’s almost Friday before Christmas and our house is buzzing like it hasn’t since my children were young.  We are all together this year with the anticipation of a holiday wedding and our first grandchild coming in early 2013.
I am attempting to make it a special Christmas, but with all that has been going on, I thought, “Well, they are all older now.  We’re holding the big celebration on Christmas Eve.  I don’t think I will fill the stockings.”  Seemed reasonable to me…but when I mentioned it to my pregnant, 26 year old daughter, she basically freaked out!!  She wanted her husband for his first Christmas in our house to experience the entire traditional package from stockings to the special breakfast I have always made for them  (Monkey bread and applewood bacon!) 
I heard on the radio this morning about a study which revealed Americans look more forward to the traditions than the gifts.  That made sense to me, so after much consideration….I am out to shop for STOCKING STUFFERS for five over-twenty-somethings!!
Here is a look I have enjoyed for a few years….velvet and denim…with a little bling on the side!  Gives a nice holiday touch while doing the last minute shopping.  So, ladies, how about those stocking stuffer ideas…bring your best…remember, they are adults!
Premiere Jewelry
Have a Fabulous Friday!! 

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