Closet Inspiration….The Art Room

I love walking into Gigi’s high school art room…it is a
banquet for my senses.   I can sit in her
room and visit Rome, France, Italy, and LA, all at the same time.  I leave each day creatively challenged.   This is why I have been doing my
Outfit-of-the-Day (OOTD) looks in her room…so much more fun than mine.  Like comparing a newsroom to a museum….depends
on the mood you are in…do you want to feed your curiosity or your creativity??
I try to enter my closet with the same sense of wonder.  At the moment, shopping must occur within my
wardrobe….no funds for hitting After
Christmas Sales
!  If you are a new
reader, you should know that many of the pieces I showcase on the blog have been
in my wardrobe for years…seriously, years.  
The most shopping I am doing currently is at Goodwill, provided for me
by Goodwill!  
Today’s look was a long
shot…but I like it.   The red zipper
jacket is a garment I purchased at Marshall’s perhaps four years ago and one I
wear in the summer because it is very lightweight.  But, here I am wearing this jacket as a
blouse underneath another jacket.  The
reds, brown, and green just seem to go together.  What I like most about it is the flattering
fit.  Because of the zipper and the form
fit of the striped jacket, the appearance is slimming…my favorite way to look, of course!!  I also like the fact that these two jackets together cost $18….I bought the striped at a Macy’s Red Apple Sale for $5…the other for $13!  The olive green denim is last fall from Lane Bryant.
James Avery Jewelry (A Gift from my son)
This is the most colorful outfit I have worn since we
started back to school.  Tomorrow I will
show you where  my wardrobe has been a little stuck since the weather turned cold. 
Pointed toe flats are another way to elongate the body!!  These r2 flats are from ROSS.

Have a wonderful Thursday….make sure you visit the bloggers
of Katie’s Favorite Things Blog Hop on Thursday!


  1. Hi Pam, Love your colorful streak! You have such confidence in front of the camera. I really admire that, I feel so…awkward (see my most recent post for visual proof). I would love to hear some of your best tips for posing for camera shots.
    Cheers, Heather

  2. Love the jolt of color! (I've been telling myself I need to do more of this. It's so easy to just put on black and gray every day. But in winter especially, that color works wonders!)

  3. Good Morning Pam, It is lovely to see a "shot" of colour during the cold winter months. It is so easy to surround ourselves in dark clothing. When I wear something colourful, my husband always comments that he likes it, but not a murmur when I wear dark colours.
    I do love your heart bracelet, it is very pretty. You have put together another great ensemble at such an amazing price. Have a lovely day. Best Wishes Daphne

  4. I wouldn't have put those colours together, but they definitely seem to work! Any fool can go out and spend money, it takes real creativity to dress well with limited funds. I've never thought much about your financial situation until you mentioned selling your house. You seem much more 'real' to me now. I appreciate your smile all the more. So many fashion bloggers seem to convey a lifestyle that is nothing to do with me and never will be.

  5. You look great Pam. You are so creative to wear that jacket as a blouse! Adding brighter colors in winter lifts my spirits, so I also try to pull at least one brighter color into an outfit with a jacket or scarf. Thanks for all your lovely posts!

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