“My old grandmother always used to say, Summer friends will
away like summer snows, but winter friends are friends
― George R.R. Martin
So, hello winter friends! 
I realize that for many of you, winter just got very, very brutal.  I hope all will be warm and safe.
Winter for South Texas just does not last long and happens
in between spring-like days and an occasional cold front.  So, I am ever mindful that my time is short
with my favorite winter garments. 
This is the second time I have worn my leopard cape from Lane Bryant, but I
wanted to make sure I styled it one more time on the blog for this winter.  It is one of my favorites and very warm.  Since, our season is only a whisper, I need to make sure I answer with the garments only designed for the cold.  I purchased the necklace a year ago from a
beautiful, creative young woman.  We were
both at a trade show for women and one of her necklaces was selected to be worn
on The Young and The Restless because one of the show’s stars was speaking at the event and was completely taken with her work.  Nadia is gorgeous and very talented.
What is your favorite winter garment this year??  Please share with us and have a warm,
wonderful Wednesday.

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