“It takes the same amount of time to put on good clothes as bad clothes.” Stacy London

Thank you for all of the great comments on yesterday’s post.  I love to hear from so many women who can offer “more to the story.”  I also want to welcome all of the new readers!
I learned through those years the above lesson from Stacy London.  She said it on What Not to Wear and in her book, The Truth About Style.  Whether we dress good or bad really does take the same amount of time, but I also know that good dressing takes more thought.  However, it is this type of thinking that I find fun and profitable today.  I say profitable, because taking care of myself has filled my bank account of confidence full to the brim. 
In my younger days, I felt shame going to Goodwill to shop.  Today, I feel exhilarated…and enjoy a great treasure hunt.  By taking care of myself, my perspective has changed immensely about many areas of life.  Let’s call it “healthy thinking.”  Of course, clothing did not do this alone…but beginning to care again about me resulted in my caring about many things again.
This gold silk tunic from Chicos was purchased at Goodwill; the leggings are from Coldwater Creek; the silver r2 shoes are from Ross; accessories from Stein Mart.

Have a fabulous Tuesday, everyone!!

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