It has been one of THOSE weeks.  A week when little annoyances just would not go away…they began to eat away at my joy on Tuesday and every day brought one bite after another.  From allergies to computer viruses to Spam Comments to money and just life, chomp, chomp, chomp…
One thing I really like about my age is how I now approach frustrations.  I was raised in a contentious home.  Screaming and arguing were daily specials on the menu.   I spent a huge amount of home time behind a closed door with music and books.  When I first entered the career world, I let every frustration get to me and did not handle them well.  Jumping into an altercation, even if it was a driver who cut me off, was easy for me.  It took a really long time and much assistance before I realized that my home life of youth was leading me into an adult life of bitterness and rage.   I have learned just how much bitterness and unforgiveness will eat away at your health and relationships.  It has been such a long journey, but now that I am on the other side, I welcome the lessons learned.
So, how do I talk myself off the ledge during weeks like this?

1.            I recognize what is happening.  If I see that I just want to eat someone’s lunch over nothing, then I immediately pull back.
2.            That means looking at each annoyance to see if the attitude is worth it.  Is it worth it to lose my joy and sleep over some ridiculous person who just put a virus in my computer system?  They are not around.  To vent upon someone else, an innocent bystander, would destroy the peace of two people!
3.            Understand that I cannot change the situation…it is what it is…bitterness might put me in the doctor’s office and it is just better to deal with the issue calmly than allow anger to grow over it.
4.            Find someone else to help and focus on helping them.  It usually gives me such joy to help others and then I forget my little troubles for awhile. 
5.            Remember, life is short.   I do not want to waste time, energy, and joy on something stupid.  If I keep things in perspective, I often see it is not worth it to have a melt down.
Finally, bring out an outfit to wear which really makes me smile.  Like this one!  I love the colors…purple being my favorite…and the bling in the earrings!  Then I can leave the house smiling no matter what is eating at me!!
I wish everyone a very peaceful weekend!

Black Blouse: Goodwill
Purple, Knit Jacket: Stein Mart
Skirt: Lane Bryant
Brown Tights: Kohls
Shoes: Ross
Necklace: Chicos

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