News From NY Fashion Week!

News from New York Fashion Week is exciting!  I know it is crazy…at the same time the new
InStyle is promoting spring fashion on its cover; the fashion industry is in
NYC planning for next fall!
We hear that the trends will be very graphic, still inspired by menswear, powerful, darker and moodier tones; and using lots of neoprene.  But what I liked is to hear the designers
talk about doing more for less.
San Antonio Express News fashion editor, Michael
Quintanilla, reports today, “Designers, like their customers, have learned to
do more with less. They know that American women are inured to saving money
when it comes to the contents of their closets. 
Basso, who celebrates his 30th year, said the days of living
in a world of extreme excess is not something that can last forever. He
discourages women from a spontaneous spur-of-the-moment purchase and suggests
they splurge on something that can truly be incorporated into your life with
longevity in mind.”

Another influential factor for designers is global warming.  According to Quintanilla, more designers are
turning to “season less” designs.   He interviewed George Parkinson who said, “Global
warming is the most influential factor in fall fashion. We are really seeing
more layering and less-defined seasonal code.”  Quintanilla also wrote about San Antonio’s rising design stars HERE.
I liked the little bit I saw of Elie Tahari’s new looks as
he celebrates forty years in the business and I look forward to seeing
more.  But, just to know that the
designers are considering the economy and weather changes gives me hope that I
can find more of their pieces to actually wear. 
What do you think about this news from New York?  Leave your thoughts and have a wonderful Friday all!!


  1. Hi Pam, I'm liking this more down to earth trend of making fashion more accessible. High fashion has definitely suffered with the economic down turn. My sister was a lead designer with St. John Knit for 20+ years and it seems that whole fashion world has shifted. With the capsule collections for Target, Banana Republic and the others, being such a hit, I think it's interesting to see fashion becoming more available. I must confess~I bought several pieces of Trina Turk for BP last season~loved the vibe. Thanks the sharing the latest news from NYC!
    xx, Heather

  2. i am glad to see a change in the way things have always been done
    it is much more exciting and accessible in my opinion
    speaking of InStyle Magazine
    husband brought in the new edition and couldn't stop commenting on how thick it was LOL

  3. I agree. In the 80's and 90's, I spent a lot of money on my clothes and my 2 daughters clothes too. But, one thing for me to invest in are nice purses and shoes. My oldest daughter, now 32 has most of my 20 year old Dooney Boorkes, except for the ones I wore to death. I still have nice (expensive) purses from my grandma. Coats are another thing I invested in. My black pumps (one pair of them) are 15 years old. I feel we need to treat our clothes well, so that they will serve us well. Blessings (I love, love your blog)

  4. I'm also in favor of buying quality and treating it well, so it lasts and lasts. I feel it's up to our generation to show our children the value of reusing. About FW2013…I love the news about designers emphasizing line and design and downplaying all the frilly stuff. I like pared down, stream-lined designs. I think it's elegant and sophisticated, perfect for women our age.

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