Not So Casual Friday

I do not have much to say tonight except…T.G.I.F.!!  It has been quite a busy week and I am so
happy to see the weekend arrive.   I
thought I would share with you a professional look from Gigi and I both.  She is wearing her fun jacket from Ann Taylor and her gorgeous Tory Burch peep-toe wedges….which she wanted me to tell you she bought
with her Nordstrom’s rewards.
Gigi is like most of us…she feels guilty when she splurges
on herself!  But, I assured her that this
was a good purchase and she deserved it!! 
The only reason I wish she had not purchased them is that NOW I WANT A
For my look, you have seen all of these garments before…I
just mixed them up a little!!  The jacket
is from Stein Mart…I stopped by my nearby Stein Mart today and saw lots of fun pieces
for spring…I also saw some great home décor. 
I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Is anyone doing something really fun for a
three day weekend??


  1. Both blazers are fabulous! Your outfits are very chic and really appropriate.

    Pam, I love your new header. However, the resolution of the typewriter photo is quite pixely. Maybe you want to check that again?

    Lady of Style

  2. I love your look – Midnight blue is lovely on you and the waist defining belt is good. I think Gigi's jacket would be better if it was cropped to the waist, but she still looks great. I wonder how she goes about teaching art in such nice clothes, though. Don't they get covered in paint, glue, dust etc?


    HEY, first of all, thank you for coming by yesterday. I really appreciate your comment.

    I always love your posts Pam; you share such lovely outfits, and like my dear friend Renae at Simple Sequins, you model everything so well. I just need for my husband to take a photo of me in one of my favorite outfits and I just may appear one day!!!

    Have a fabulous weekend my dear. Anita

  4. Your blog looks great! Very nice. I love looking at your fashions and reading where you purchased them. I wish we had a Stein Mart! Went to one in FL and it was great. BTW, I just got birthday gift cards and wondering how I will spend them (on clothes, of course). I usually wait until I have something special to go to since writing from home doesn't call for anything more than yoga pants and a sweatshirt!

  5. I am newcomer to the USA and the menopause. Both had a huge impact upon me leading confusion in style and shopping. Add some pounds to the mix and you know how grateful I am to have found your blog. I love the art work in the back ground. Very much up my alley.
    Love the shoes.
    Thanks for being around and helping me along.

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