“Being powerful is like being a lady.  If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”  – Margaret Thatcher
What does it mean to you to be considered “a lady?”  Coming from Texas, I have always desired to be known as a lady.  However, I am sure people who have stood around me at athletic events when my own kids were on the field or court, have wondered, “Who is this woman…she is no lady!”  Is a true lady not allowed to be passionate about a game involving her own children???  Well, maybe I could have controlled my emotions just a tad better.

I really make an effort to be mannerly and respectful…to me those are important qualities of a lady.  But, if you look up the list of qualities, it is very intimidating:  refined, polite, well spoken, self- controlled, holds to her tongue, kind, gentle, genuine, funny, considerate, demur, knows exactly what to say at any given time, careful to wound no one, doesn’t publicly embarrass anyone, respectful, responsible, fair, caring.   I know I am not known as DEMUR…but I also do not believe that is entirely a bad thing.   Someone said a lady must have a Southern or English accent…I have one…maybe not as pronounced as ladies from Georgia!!  My students love to make me say the word BANQUET…they insist I say it completely wrong and they always laugh! But anyway,I think I fall somewhere in between Lady Gaga and Lady Diana.
Lady is an interesting word….it can go completely wrong so quickly…headed the other direction toward a collision with respectable ways…
“Hey, lady, move it!”
“I won’t be anyone’s old lady!!”
“She is such a lady of ill repute.”
I will keep striving to be a powerful lady…one known for consideration, passion, and care.  But, I also want to be known as the leading lady of a wonderful life…my own. Lauren Bacall once said, “You can’t always be a leading lady.”  Well, I respectively, disagree.
This post has featured my new glasses by Ray Ban…unfortunately needed as I moved from
one astigmatism to two!!
How do you define being a lady and do you desire to be known as one??  (Then have a great Thursday everyone!!)

Sweater Tunic: Soft Surroundings
Simply Vera Rust Leggings: Kohls
Scarf: Had it too long to remember
Wanted Flats: DSW
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