Thank you, ladies, for yesterday’s discussion!  I love it when we can bring all sides to an
issue.  I post almost every comment unless
it is inappropriate, crude, or a personal attack.  This is how we learn from one another, and, I
believe, it is important to hear from everyone.   (Of
course, this is the journalism teacher speaking!)

My main point is that women of all ages, sizes, and incomes
deserve to look and feel amazing no matter their circumstances.  You do not have to spend big dollars to do
just that.  There are too many other ways
to avoid the moo-moos.  I can take the
same amount of money on yesterday’s flyer and put that woman who might be a
shut in, in a nursing home, or overweight in something fabulous and functional,
 and help her feel better about herself.    This
blog has been about the power proper clothing, daily beauty care, and a healthy
lifestyle can bring to your personal contentment.   Clothing is NOT where our inward joy comes
from…but it definitely helps!
Soft Surroundings is one retailer which exists to help the
woman 50+ look and feel her best.  They
give us the feeling of high price point fashion for a mid-range price.  The spring line is joyful as the season
itself, and celebrates getting out and looking amazing for warm weather
functions.  I still like the fact that
you will find stylish, chic, flirty, feminine, and bohemian all in one store or
catalog.  Here are a few of my favorite prints this year,
but you really must see everything.  Of
course, Gigi goes crazy over their gorgeous maxi-skirts. Make sure you register
below to win the fun topper!!
Solano Top
Tropical Tunic
Cote d Azur Tunic
To win the beautiful topper I am modeling, you must be a follower of my blog, and leave me a comment here or on my Facebook page and tell me your favorite look from the spring line.  Also, remember Mother’s Day is not too far away, this topper would be a great gift!  A winner will be selected on April 3!!  If you want extra entries, then I will give you one per additional promotion of the contest through FB or Twitter or on your own blog!!

Now, have a wonderful Monday and make sure you visit the stylish bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY and WE ARE BEAUTIFUL and MONDAY BLOOM!! and MONDAY MINGLE!!

 Your “living-like-you-feel-40” tip of the day:  Make time and have fun with girlfriends…no matter your ages!  Even if it is through a fun blog hop!!

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