Understanding Great Denim

There are so many things I do not understand.  For example,
        Why car
salesmen star in their own commercials.
        Why people would want to eat Spam, or the new
SPAM microwave meals.
        Why men are not capable of buying only what is
on the grocery list.
        Why Victoria Secret would market inappropriate
underwear for young girls
        Why bugs
        Why the gorgeous mountain laurel flower only
blooms for a few days and then is gone for another year.
  Some of the prettiest spring flowers go away so quickly!

I also do not understand why there are still some companies
who will not allow employees to wear great professional dress denim.  In some cases it looks better to me than the
professional wear that is out there.  I
suppose it depends on the occupation.  
But I love my dark dress denim from Coldwater Creek, and I paired it
with this new V neck –MING by MANGO tee shirt I found at JCP for $12. The necklace is old…not sure where I originally found it!

I also understand this is a very special weekend for many of
us, so to those who celebrate Good Friday and Easter Sunday, have a very
special, blessed celebration.  May everyone have a joyous weekend!


  1. You look great. I love my Coldwater Creek jeans. I love Chico's too, but the waist on their pants is low, and since I do not look like the models, I get a muffin top. I have written them to try their styles on a real size 12-14 person and see that their cut is not flattering. They were my place for pants, but I will now go back to Coldwater Creek.

  2. Hi Pam!

    Happy Easter to you and your family
    There are many i don't understand too, hahaha!
    Dark denim are great, I think it's mostly permitted here in Mtl
    They are so chic !

    Ariane xxxx

  3. Lovely outfit!!
    I think the "problem" with denim in the workplace is so many people don't have the sense to realize the skin tight ripped jeans aren't appropriate. Dark denim trousers are wonderful!
    Have a blessed Easter with that new grandbaby!!

  4. I laughed when you included on the 'don't understand' list men not being able to buy only what is on the grocery list! So true! Love your outfit today and yesterday and the day before that! You always look put together and you wear your jewelry so well. And I adore your shoes – especially the little leopard numbers. I want to find a pair of those in narrow – practically impossible to find and when I have they are priced out of my budget. The bane of narrow feet! I am lucky enough to be retired so for me denim is always a 'go'. What does it matter what the fabric content of an outfit is as long as it is appropriate and worn well as you do? That's just management types being idiotic which so many excel at!

  5. I completely agree with you on the denim thing. I have always had a really hard time with the whole "corporate workwear" thing…khakis and a polo. People just end up looking like the IT guy. A week-fitting pair of nice wash demins with a blazer and some smart shoes are SO much better!

  6. You look so great in this outfit Pam! I'm heading over to Coldwater Creek today… They have 40% off everything in the store. (You know how I love those sales.) Happy Easter to you and all of your lovely followers!

  7. Oh Pam, your list gave me a great chuckle! "Why bugs" indeed! And yes, dress codes are terribly odd and arbitrary in some instances. They do beg the question why…

  8. I would like to enter the contest for the Foxcroft tunic. I just signed up to receive the newsletter on Froxcroft's website.
    Thank you very much.
    Joyce Sandusky

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