So, many things make me smile this April…birds setting up their homes….flowers blooming…(BTW, I highly recommend Miracle Grow potting soil)…..

1.     Gigi!! 

She just
discovered a new vintage boutique in Bryan, TX. 
It’s called EARTH ART: Jewelry, Art, Clothing, and Handicrafts from the
Global Community.  209 South Main St. Great bohemian styles!  Her first outfit is from this shop…her second
outfit… I just love her spring color!

2.     Wearing Leopard With Coral…don’t put
your leopard away…just pair it with different colors
!! Tory Burch Sandals

3. Simple, Flirty Dresses on warm nights!

4.  Finally, black and white is still on trend…and it will always be one of my favorites!!

Topper: Lane Bryant
Necklace: Simpy Vera Wang at Kohls

Have a
wonderful Thursday all!!  Find ways to
enjoy each day of spring!  And make sure on Thursday you visit Katie’s Favorite Things Blog Hop!!

Thursday Favorite Things

Now, linking up to Bella’s Shoe Party… The girl from Texas will throw

great sandals into the mix…check out some amazing shoes!!

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